🐨 Treasure's Handsome Koala | The Official Junkyu (μ€€κ·œ) Thread 🐨

🐨 adore’s Handsome Koala | The Official Junkyu (μ€€κ·œ) Thread 🐨

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Stage nominate: Junkyu (μ€€κ·œ)
precise nominate: Kim Jun Kyu (κΉ€μ€€κ·œ)
workable Position: Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: September 9, 2000
Zodiac enthralling: Virgo
Blood kindly: O
Nationality: Korean

– His nicknames are Koala and Handsome koala as a result of he thinks he appears to be like affection a Koala when he smiles.
– Junkyu was a baby mannequin and has been in too many CF’s and photoshoots.
– He has been coaching for five years.
– Junkyu attended Def Dance Skool with Doyoung.
– He has a cat named Ruby.
– The 3 phrases to painting him are three phrases β€œKoala, Snorlax, and absolute
– Junkyu was the 4th member to introduced for adore



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