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When we animate in inspiring instances, it’s simple to grow to be slowed down in foreboding and doubt concerning the future.  This week now we have three planets altering indicators: Mars entered Taurus on the sixth, and in the present day now we have Venus getting into Capricorn which can solidify and floor {our relationships} and interactions with others, and Mercury shifting into Aquarius.  I’m significantly wrathful about Mercury, planet of the intellect and communication, getting into Aquarius the place it should breathe till mid-March, working with each Saturn and Jupiter to ameliorate us re-define our imaginative and prescient of the longer term.  Today, although, Mercury will figure a inspiring sq. to Mars (aggression) which may result in some unstable rhetoric and arguments if we enable the stress to construct and emerge in monstrous methods.

This Mercury/Mars alignment does lend compel to our ideas and capacity to speak them, so if we remain grounded and centered we are able to put this passionate vitality to labor for us in the present day.  A lovely sextile from the Sun to Neptune can ameliorate us to employ the zeal of thought and messaging (Mercury/Mars) by way of inventive fancy and heightened instinct.  Magick is created by way of the compel of Will, and that’s the energy of Mars and to not breathe feared. ❤️


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