craft by Donika Mishineva

Today’s Sagittarius Moon helps to amplify the common growth being felt lately beneath the shift from a weighty Capricorn accent into Aquarius.  Mercury (intellect) has moved into Aquarius and can transit Saturn (self-discipline and focus) right now.  Over the following few days Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter (optimism and growth) will function as a tightly knit workforce, placing the inventiveness of Aquarius to labor by way of ideas and communication (Mercury), targets and plans (Saturn), and self-confidence and conviction (Jupiter).  Over these subsequent few days it’s going to breathe tempting to stay caught in ancient thought patterns, grumbling about challenges and obsessing about issues that don’t labor out.  But this stout Aquarian vitality can ameliorate us to embrace fresh views and ameliorate us to crack out of close and cozy habits that maintain us advocate.

An earthy trine from Venus in Capricorn to Mars in Taurus right now helps to stabilize relationships and our common sense of well-being.  Attention to sensible issues, particularly having to do with our financial savings or pecuniary safety, will breathe rewarded over the following few days beneath this trine, and the Aquarian perception of the triple conjunction described above will support within the re-imagining of a brighter future. ❤️

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