craft by Manami Lingerfelt

With no planetary interactions at this time the Cancer Moon can discuss with a louder voice with out being drowned out by stronger influences. And what’s she making an attempt to promote us?  Cancer itself is dominated by the Moon – the mom, the planetary corpse which inspires us to narrate extra deeply to our inside selves, our inside youngster if you’ll – our deepest feelings which allay because the doorway to a extra soulful tolerate. Today the Cancer Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Uranus serving to us to calm down right into a recent level of console with our emotions that helps facilitate a change, however too challenges Chiron in a sq. facet to carry up historical wounds which can abide within the route.  Most of us are extra delicate and bathetic when the Moon is in Cancer, so we might breathe strolling on eggshells for a day or two.

Black Moon Lilith is simply too within the counsel at this time as she turns into an unwilling participant within the inspiring sq. between Saturn (guidelines) and Uranus (breaking the foundations).  Lilith represents the depth of our outrage in opposition to oppression and abuse, and using on the coattails of the Saturn/Uranus stress for change, we might discover some hidden darkness ascend up from the depths to seek out justice. However Lilith too types a harmonious sextile to the Sun at this time which ought to simply illuminate any of that darkness and facilitate its transmutation into knowledge and justice. 👍🏼

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