How to Recycle Coconut Shells

Answer Of How to Recycle Coconut Shells

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How to Recycle Coconut Shells

If you’ve ever loved candy coconut meat or hydrating coconut water, you’ve in all probability been left with the dilemma of what to do with the coconut shell. Since it’s such a gigantic sever of the fruit, it might probably breathe powerful to only cast it out with the trash. If you’ve got a coconut shell that you simply’d love to recycle into one thing helpful, you’ll be able to disburse a day doing a DIY venture to embellish your property with. Plus, you’ll breathe decreasing your blow and reducing down in your rubbish output. It’s a win-win!


[Edit]Coconut Shell Bowls

  1. Sand the coconut shell with sandpaper till it’s flush. If your coconut shell quiet has hair on the skin, drag that off as finest you’ll be able to. Then, employ a bit of 80-grit sandpaper to initiate sanding the skin. Once it feels flush, strike onto a 240-grit sandpaper, then a 400-grit sandpaper.[1]
    Recycle Coconut Shells Step 1.jpg
    • Staple your piece of sandpaper to a hindrance of wooden for a better handhold.
    • Sanding might be the sever that takes the longest on this venture. Expect to disburse about half-hour on sanding!
  2. Saw the coconut shell in half. Hold the coconut even with one hand and accept a hand noticed with the opposite. Saw the coconut in half, making positive each halves are pretty plane, till you’re left with 2 several halves of the coconut.[2]
    • If you’re nervous about your halves being uneven, employ a marker to haul a line down the focus of the coconut earlier than you initiate.
    • If your coconut shell quiet has meat or water in it, drain / lower it out earlier than you strike on.
  3. Sand the within of the coconut shell till it’s flush. Grab your 80-grit sandpaper once more and employ it on the within of each coconut shells. Keep going till the shell feels flush, then strike onto your 240-grit and 400-grit.[3]
    • The sanding on the within shouldn’t take fairly as lengthy because it doesn’t have the bushy exterior. However, it quiet energy take you a miniature elbow grease to get it performed.
  4. Rub mineral oil into the shell with a material to seal the bowl. Drizzle of mineral oil into the bowl and employ a material to unfold it round, making positive to get the highest, backside, and sides. You’ll actually initiate to behold the colour pop![4]
  5. Wait 20 minutes for the oil to soak in and wipe off any extra. Set your bowl apart and let the oil soak in. Then, take a antiseptic material and wipe off any drips so the mineral oil dries gleaming and flush.[5]
    Recycle Coconut Shells Step 5.jpg
    • Your bowl will look a miniature extra matte because the oil dries.
  6. Wipe on extra mineral oil at the least 3 extra occasions. The coconut shell is handsome dehydrate, so it wants loads of oil to make it shine. Keep including mineral oil, letting it dehydrate, and wiping off the surplus till the colour seems to be abysmal and affluent.[6]
    • Now you’ve got 2 coconut shell bowls! If they get filthy, wash them by hand with water and delicate dish cleaning soap, and retain them out of the dishwasher in any respect prices.

[Edit]Coconut Shell Planters

  1. Cut the highest of the shell off. Mark off the highest of the shell with a everlasting marker or a pencil, then seize your handsaw. Use the noticed to chop the highest sever of the shell off however depart the bulk intact.[7]
    • The high sever of the shell will breathe the drainage plate, whereas the underside sever will breathe the precise stake.
    • If your coconut quiet has water or meat in it, drain it and lower the meat out.
  2. Sand the within and the skin of the shell to make them flush. Start with a bit of 80-grit sandpaper and refer to city on each items of the shell. Make positive you get the tops, bottoms, inside, and outdoors of every piece to make it good and flush. Then, employ a bit of 240-grit sandpaper to actually make your coconut shell shine.[8]
    • Sanding takes the longest, however it can breathe value it when your plant pots look professionally made!
  3. Cut a hollow within the diminutive piece of shell with a noticed. Grab the smaller piece of shell and make a coterie within the focus, leaving about across the margin. Use your noticed to chop out the hollow so that you’re left with simply the margin (or a idle coterie).[9]
    • This is the abject that the plant stake will sit on.
  4. Drill a hollow into the underside of the sizable shell for drainage. Grab a drill and fasten a masonry bit, then rotate your sizable coconut shell the other way up. Drill a hollow into the focus of the underside sever to let the water drain out if you water your plant.[10]
    • Not including a drainage hollow can result in too mighty moisture in your crops, which might reason mould or mildew.
  5. Coat the shell items in mineral oil. Pour of mineral oil onto every bit of your coconut shell and rub it in with a material. The shade will rotate abysmal brown and your plant pots will initiate to look gleaming![11]
    Recycle Coconut Shells Step 11.jpg
    • If you favor the sunshine brown of your coconut shells, don’t add any mineral oil.
    • Mineral oil is meals favorable, so it received’t damage your crops.
  6. Set the sizable shell on high of the diminutive shell as a drainage plate. Place the diminutive hollowed out coterie wherever you’d love your plant to sit down, then clique your sizable shell on high of it. Fill the shell up with potting soil, then employ it to plant your plant![12]
    • When you water your plant, the surplus moisture will speed out of the drainage hollow within the backside of the stake.


  • Make positive your coconut shells are tremendous flush earlier than you make them into bowls or planters!
  • Some organizations will take your ancient coconut shells and rotate them right into a amalgam materials for reuse. To discover a company love that nearby you, peek “coconut shell composite material” + your metropolis.[13]


  • Use warning everytime you’re utilizing hand instruments or energy instruments. If you aren’t positive easy methods to employ them, bridle the producer’s directions.

[Edit]Things You’ll Need


  • 80-grit, 240-grit, and 400-grit sandpaper
  • Hand noticed
  • Knife
  • Mineral oil
  • Cloth

[Edit]Plant Pots

  • Knife
  • Hand noticed
  • Permanent marker
  • Drill
  • 80-grit and 240-grit sandpaper
  • Masonry drill bit
  • Mineral oil
  • Cloth


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