story identification - Looking for title/author of fantasy book where the Sun is hidden by pollution and it is always winter

Answer Of story identification – Book, probably titled: “Of Tea Cups and Wizards, Dragons”….can’t bethink

welcome to all our dear school college students, many school college students are questioning in regards to the retort to this question story identification – Book, probably titled: “Of Tea Cups and Wizards, Dragons”….can’t bethink. we’re fortunate to secure you as soon as extra on the positioning recipes gist we welcome you and proffer you contemporary questions and options.

You energy breathe considering of Another Day, Another Dungeon (revealed in 1990), the primary bespeak in Greg Costikyan’s Cups and Sorcery Series. The second and remaining bespeak within the succession is known as One Quest, Hold the Dragons.

According to this evaluation, the story entails a zeal mage, and a statue of a king with a soul trapped inside it:

Another Day, Another Dungeon is a hilarious bespeak by Greg Costikyan that describes a cherish hunt within the legendary Caves of Cytorax. Timaeus De’Asperge, a zeal mage, and his companions battle Rog, a gigantic beast, and get its “nice comfy pile of gold”. They proceed to discover a life-sized statue of a person within the altar of an repulsive temple. It is product of stable athenor, probably the most priceless steel on the earth as a result of its capacity to retailer mana. They bribe the preserve to get in, however nothing of that worth can breathe stored stealthy and shortly their house is a battlefield, their good friend kidnapped, and the statue gone — however solely they know that. They discover out that the statue depicts the final human king, Stantius III, and that the scepter of Stantius is glowing — the badge {that a} fresh king has arrived.

Suddenly, they’re on a search to not solely discover the statue, however to convey it to Arst-Kara-Morn, the place the individuals will do something to destroy them. They should in some way invert a spell at Arst-Kara-Morn that has entrapped the soul of Stantius III contained in the statue, stopping any extra human kings from coming. This succession is a noble one to learn and one I’d extremely advocate.

And in accordance with this TV Tropes article, it too options:

Vic, the senile ancient man who tells lengthy, purposeless tales and begs for spare change, seems to breathe the final polymage, a kind of sorcerer thought to have died out greater than ten thousand years in the past.

The writer is outwardly not deceased, nonetheless.

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