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Answer Of UK Level 3 {qualifications} – schooling ADHD

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UK Level 3 {qualifications} – schooling ADHD

I’ve no {qualifications} and animate within the UK. My job now requires a Level 3 qualification. What’s the best and most cost-effective UK Level 3 qualification I can get?

I’ve had a non-teaching job within the schooling sector within the UK for a number of years, however my title and job description are being revised and my JD now apparently lists a Level 3 qualification as ‘significant’ reasonably than desired.

I’m good at my job, however have no {qualifications}. I’m a intellectual one that was in a bunch of applications for presented kids (for teenagers within the 98th percentile) in principal discipline however crashed and burned in formal schooling as a result of crippling ADHD. My ADHD wasn’t recognized till I used to be 40 years ancient and I’m not ‘out’ at labor. I’ve made varied makes an attempt at additional schooling as an grownup but it surely’s excruciating and, nicely, functionally inconceivable for me.

Evidently, my job does not require a Level 3 qualification as I haven’t got one and am efficiently doing it. But I’m apprehensive that if there’s an organisational restructuring in some unspecified time in the future (not unlikely) that requires to me reapply for my avow job, I will not get it as a result of this requirement.

So, I speculate I necessity to cerebrate about getting a Level 3 qualification. It’s going to breathe difficult and atrocious and I’ll not succeed.

What Level 3 qualification can I do within the UK, ideally on-line, that’s comparatively cheap and never that difficult?

My strengths/pursuits comprise: artistic writing, literature, cultural research, movie, counselling/psychology, the humanities in common. I’m crap at Maths.

If you’ll be able to inform me what establishments I ought to breathe taking a look at, plane higher. I’m based mostly in London. Thank you!

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