Astrological update for the week of January 4-11: Mars finally leaves Aries!

Astrological replace for the week of January 4-11: Mars lastly leaves Aries!

Astronomy is likely one of the oldest sciences which can be involved with celestial phenomena, their evolution, and their somatic and chemical traits. We await to capitalize from Astrological replace for the week of January 4-11: Mars lastly leaves Aries! and seek the modifications that happen to your badge, and too the solar in astronomy is the principle consider figuring out the persona of the person and his route of life because it determines the obstacles that Will breathe uncovered.

This weeks marks a significant shift of planetary energies – Mars, which was in Aries since June 27, 2020, is lastly leaving Aries for Taurus. We too have Mercury and Venus altering indicators, and a lovely sextile from Jupiter to Chiron.  Here is all the pieces you necessity to know! If you love the movies, delight subscribe to the channel which helps others to seek out them. Transcript follows.


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Transcript (transcribed by bots and roughly edited by me, delight condone errors).

Hi, all people, my designation is Lynn Hayes. Welcome advocate to my channel. And when you’re watching this video, you survived 2020 and welcome to 2021. This is my first video of the 12 months, and I await that you simply’ll relish it. I’m going to place a hyperlink within the description field to my video for the astrology of 2021 and I too have a handsome complete article that I’ll submit for you. So I don’t need to disburse too mighty time on that on this week’s video. However, I do need to point out a pair of issues.

Just to recap, final 12 months in 2020, we had lots of planets within the badge of Capricorn. Capricorn can breathe kindly of a weighty badge. It’s all about responsibility and duty and the issues that we have now to do. It’s too allot of accomplishment and success. So it has some noble issues going for it however it may possibly breathe a miniature bit weighty and it may possibly too kindly of put the kibosh on our goals if we’re being unrealistic or alive in a fantasy.  Capricorn, which in any case, is dominated by Saturn, we energy get our butts kicked. And that appears to breathe what occurred in 2020.

When I used to be trying forward in 2019, a few of you will have heard me say this already, you already know, astrologers knew one thing was coming with the Saturn Pluto conjunction. And within the spring and summer time of 2019, we had a miniature little bit of a construct up in 2020. Of passage, there was lots of compression, lots of restriction. We had locked downs, which is you already know, actually limiting our motion in our lives and that’s all very Saturn, Capricorn restriction, difficult labor. You know, we’ve needed to actually labor difficult to get our lives advocate in organize.  2021- I want I may say that it’ll simply I’m going to wave a magic wand and all that astrology goes to breathe over and definitely the astrology is altering, and I cerebrate it should breathe simpler. We’re stirring from a Capricorn affect into an Aquarian affect. Aquarius is too dominated by Saturn. The fashionable ruler is Uranus and lots of people have requested me “I thought the ruler was Uranus.”  Saturn and Uranus, each are the rulers of Aquarius, since Uranus was solely found within the overdue 18th century and for 1000s of years earlier than that Saturn was its ruler.  Under Saturn’s rulership, we will behold the considerably artic strategy of Aquarius. Aquarius is illustrious for you already know, brotherhood and equality however there’s a coldness too, it may possibly breathe systematize of impersonal. And then after we add the layer of Uranus, which is innovation and alter and breaking apart ancient paradigms that aren’t working for us, we will behold that this 12 months might not breathe as restrictive as we had below the Capricorn affect. But there’s prone to breathe lots of unrest, there’s not prone to breathe issues simply systematize of falling in place and all the pieces is harmonious and still. Because of the Aquarian affect, and we’re going to behold Saturn squaring Uranus which goes to clique off some conflicts, I cerebrate we’re going to behold a ravishing quantity of courteous unrest, we’re already seeing it of passage.

I simply need to go away you with this brief tidbit that I’m dropping right here is that this subsequent 12 months is a 12 months of change. It’s not a 12 months to attempt to refer advocate to the previous, it’s a 12 months to essentially attempt to reinvent our lives below the fresh actuality. And I cerebrate there can breathe some pleasure and there can breathe lots of creativity in how we strategy that. Let’s get advocate to the astrology for the week.

This week, we have now three planets altering indicators, we have now Mars, Mercury and Venus all stirring from one badge to a different. Anytime we have now planets altering indicators, and this contains the Moon plane although the Moon modifications indicators each two and a half days or so. But when we have now different planets altering indicators, there’s a shift of energies. The greatest advice is that Mars goes to lastly go away Aries for Taurus. Mars has been an region since June 27. It retrograded advocate and forth in areas that it actually had a really stout repercussion on the Capricorn stellium. The mixture of three to 4 planets in Capricorn that we had all 12 months for fairly a little bit of that point because the aim of June. Mars has been in a inspiring sq. side to these planets. It’s created lots of disruption, there’s been a ravishing quantity of violence. Mars in any case represents motivation and our push and it exhibits the route we commence fresh actions, but it surely too has to do with rage, how we categorical our assertiveness, the sorts of issues we wish, how we react after we don’t get what we wish. We’ve actually seen lots of that this 12 months. So now with Mars stirring into Taurus, and it’ll remain in Taurus till March 3, issues are going to choose down a miniature bit. Mars in Aries is in its avow badge, it’s probably the most passionate, it’s probably the most aggressive, the you already know, it’s  absolute inspiration, absolute motivation, absolute motion, and Taurus is the badge of console and stability and safety. Mars settles down. There’s extra composure, there’s extra of a covet for peace, integration. So that’s going to breathe a really welcome change.

This week we too have Mercury leaving Capricorn the place it’s been for the final few weeks and stirring into the badge of Aquarius. So we are going to then have Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury all in Aquarius beginning to strike into that Aquarian season. With Mercury the planet of the intellect in Aquarius, the badge of innovation, it’s mighty simpler to cerebrate of fresh concepts and I really feel love that’s going to essentially ameliorate us as we strike into this cycle of change. When Mercury is in Aquarius, it’s simpler to let refer of the concepts and the ideas and the routines which have served us prior to now and extra simply to create fresh concepts and fresh routines for the long run.

We too have Venus leaving Sagittarius the place it’s been for the final month or so the place it’s been gracious, outgoing, it’s helped to further connections between individuals you already know, which has probably not been the most effective thought over the vacations and a pandemic. But in any illustration, Venus this week goes to strike into the badge of Capricorn. When Venus, the planet of relationships and connection, is in Capricorn, we attend to breathe mighty extra trustworthy and dutiful in {our relationships}, the issues that we have now to do turn into extra essential. Venus in Capricorn shouldn’t be probably the most companionable place for Venus both. So this longing to get along with individuals and commemorate is prone to breathe on the wane, and extra prone to extra simply embrace the isolation that we necessity in organize to get by way of this subsequent aspect.

The different pretty large advice this week is that we initiate a cycle of Jupiter in Aquarius in a sextile to Chiron in Aries. This is a lovely time for something having to do with therapeutic with any kindly of psychological transformation, any kindly of religious illumination Jupiter is anxious with faith and theology, our conviction techniques, what provides our life acceptation. And Chiron of passage is the planet of wounding and therapeutic. These two accord in a sextile, which may be very nurturing and supportive. It’s simply an excellent time to launch ancient patterns to launch any locked in negativity, emotions of melancholy, unhappiness, want of self price. All of those are Chi ironic sorts of experiences. Jupiter helps to develop the therapeutic course of and helps us to let refer and make our route by way of mighty extra simply.

And that takes us to the week forward. We commence the week on Monday, January 4, with the Moon within the badge of virgo the Moon will breathe in Virgo all day, which is an excellent time to take concern of particulars. We too have a pleasant conjunction of Mercury which is quiet in Capricorn at that time to Pluto, which is the final of the massive planets in Capricorn Mercury, the planet of the intellect, conjunct Pluto, the planet of depth and transformation. This is an excellent time for focus, focus, particularly in Capricorn, the place it’s simpler to labor difficult, it’s simpler to retain our eye on the aim. In reality, this can be a excellent time to breathe making targets. To breathe pondering very clearly a few blueprint for the long run. This may breathe made a miniature bit tougher as a result of the Virgo Moon will breathe contrary Neptune which is in Pisces. Neptune is in Pisces for a really very long time and the Moon is barely in Virgo for Monday, so this isn’t going to final very lengthy. The Virgo Moon may be very within the particulars it’s very excited about organizing. So that’s very helpful to Mercury and Pluto that are serving to us to obviously outline our targets and cerebrate by way of issues with a noble ration of tidings. But then right here comes the Moon contrary Neptune creating this dreamy imaginative property. Now if we employ that to infuse our plans and our targets with extra magic and with extra fancy, than that would breathe a lovely factor. But what may too befall is you could possibly clique apart a while for labor perhaps for a convention, after which end up staring out into house. The Moon opposing Neptune simply loves that emotion of growth and of magic. So let’s put that to labor for us as an alternative of have it labor towards us.

On Tuesday January 5, the Moon will enter Libra very early within the morning jap time, round 12:42am, after which early within the morning between 4 and seven-ish am Eastern time , the Libra Moon goes to figure a trine to Jupiter and Saturn. That’s a really harmonious interplay between these planets. We have the Moon in Libra which craves integration and concord and a still suffer, harmonizing with Jupiter which opens the center and helps us to really feel extra optimistic. And then Saturn which might ameliorate us to arrange our emotions higher ameliorate us to remain a miniature extra grounded. Now a miniature later within the morning round 9:30am Eastern Time, the Libra Moon will fight Chiron.  Chiron, the planet of wounding and therapeutic when it’s in a demanding side to every other planet. But particularly the Moon, which is our delicate feelings that may make us much more delicate, it may denote that our emotions are extra simply damage. And plane if our emotions are extra simply damage, the individuals round us may breathe extra delicate. So it’s a great time to perhaps tread a miniature bit calmly. These are lunar elements will solely final for a pair of hours. And then the relaxation of the day on Tuesday the Libra Moon is simply systematize of creating its route that’s a great day for any kindly of craft. It’s a great day to discover a route to deliver some magnificence into your life.

On Wednesday we have now Mars coming into the badge of Taurus, you energy truly really feel that shift when Mars strikes from Aries into Taurus, you energy really feel swiftly a giant exhalation Ah, issues are calmer. We energy plane breathe in a position to really feel it simply love that. The badge of Taurus is too dominated by Venus as is Libra. So we have now the Moon within the badge of Libra dominated by Venus. Then Mars strikes into Taurus too dominated by Venus. Venus has many layers of acceptation simply as all the pieces astrological does and that makes it troublesome to provide you a miniature soundbite or each miniature status that would probably come up. But Venus does should do clearly with relationships, affection and wonder. But plane extra importantly, it has to do with our nervous system. It has to do with calming our nervous system, discovering that composure and that equilibrium. Labor is a badge of equilibrium. It’s a badge up the tactician. So below the affect of the Libra Moon, we attend to not breathe as aggressive. We attend to not abide up for ourselves in a battle. It’s a time after we’re extra prone to breathe peacemakers on the night of Wednesday on the six when the Libra Moon types a sq. to Pluto and Mercury that are in Capricorn. That may breathe a time the place there’s some dissonance when the Moon squares Mercury there can breathe some dissonance in our pondering, we will maybe breathe over emotional and never breathe in a position to cerebrate very clearly. And when the Moon squares Pluto, particularly the delicate Libra Moon, squaring Pluto, the planet of destruction, regeneration, this large, fierce planet, it may possibly breathe a time after we energy really feel a miniature bit overwhelmed. So whereas the birth of the day may be very still composure, a number of concord later within the day that night and later into the evening. We’ll have the squares from the Moon to Mercury and Pluto. They’ll solely final for a pair of hours and by Thursday, we can have simply moved by way of them.

On Thursday the Moon strikes into Scorpio simply earlier than 4am Eastern time. The shift from Libra to Scorpio is a giant one. We refer from the peace and composure of Libra to the depth of Scorpio. Scorpio is dominated by Mars historically and by Pluto as its fashionable ruler. Scorpio may be very passionate, not the primary one to advocate down from a battle. When the Moon is in Scorpio we have now that passionate emotional depth that may actually ameliorate to push us which goes to breathe helpful as a result of we have now Mars which is in Taurus and sq. to Jupiter and Saturn, that are in Aquarius after which right here we have now the Moon in Scorpio and people planets and the Moon are all butting heads towards one another. The Scorpio Moon opposes Mars within the morning that Thursday and makes a sq. to Jupiter and Saturn. There’s no level actually to crack that down as a result of it’s all simply going to breathe one concoction of challenges. Now these are very steadfast stirring influences, however they’ll breathe a miniature bit disruptive, particularly for the Moon. The Moon is in Scorpio. So for all of us, no signify the place our Natal Moon is, when the Moon is in Scorpio, we’re all a miniature extra passionate. This may breathe a time the place there’s a ravishing quantity of contest. And then within the afternoon when the Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus, which is in Taurus, the Moon, contrary Uranus, the planet of radical conduct, you already know, after which Uranus, is interacting with all these different planets that would keep the disruption into the afternoon and night of Thursday. So simply know that that’s coming and breathe ready.

Some of you will have written to me, “oh, I was so glad you told me about this, because I almost snapped my husband’s head off.” And I believed, “Oh, I wish I would remember these things.” Because typically we neglect, and issues simply befall. Just a few individuals have written to me that as they survey the video, they retain trail they usually write these notes into their calendar, which I cerebrate is a noble thought and I’m going to strive it myself. Because I energy let you know this stuff after which I utterly neglect it later. So in any illustration, Thursday has a possible to breathe a miniature bit disruptive. Now what it’s actually good for is pondering of one thing fresh, doing one thing utterly completely different. It’s an excellent day for doing one thing exterior of your console zone. Something you haven’t executed earlier than. Something you haven’t executed lately and in lockdown that gained’t breathe very difficult to seek out!

Friday, January 8, there’s lots of planetary select. We have two planets altering indicators that day, we have now Mercury coming into Aquarius, and we have now Venus coming into Capricorn. So there’s two planetary shifts that day, we too have a handsome sextile from the Sun to Neptune. This is a fantastically inventive time The Sun is in Capricorn and Neptune is in Pisces. It’s an excellent time for creativity, the Sun in Capricorn provides us the self-discipline that we necessity to focus. And then Neptune in Pisces helps to encourage and it’s a harmonious side. So we attend to get the most effective out of each of the planetary energies below the sextile side. In explicit, nonetheless, we do have Mercury which is now in Aquarius and a sq. to Mars, which is now in Taurus. And over the subsequent pair of days, Mercury is too going to work together with Jupiter and Saturn. So there’s lots of planetary interactions right here. And particularly with Mercury as a result of these are going to final over the few days for the relaxation of the week. When there’s lots of Mercury exercise. There’s lots of concentrate on the intellect. There’s lots of concentrate on communication, info processing, writing contracts agreements.

Later within the month, Mercury will rotate retrograde and there’ll breathe a umbra epoch earlier than then matter of mighty disagreement amongst astrologers. But the route I perceive it when Mercury begins to dilatory down, that’s when the umbra epoch begins. So for now, the umbra epoch has not but begun within the route that I strategy this status. However, for the gross week, we have now Mercury sq. Mars conjunct Saturn after which conjunct Jupiter. So simply survey for this you energy have you already know, lots of disagreements there energy breathe lots of ail focusing and on Friday the eighth bethink the Moon is quiet in Scorpio so that you quiet have that good depth which is admittedly going to ameliorate with all this Mercury stuff.

On Saturday, January 9, the Moon will strike into Sagittarius round 615 within the morning, Eastern time. The motion from the Moon into Sagittarius, particularly from Scorpio is one other main shift we acquired from the heaviness and the sentiment, the depth of Scorpio into the kindly of sunshine hearted optimism of Sagittarius. That’s kindly of a great pair of days to take a breath, perhaps chill out a miniature bit blueprint one thing enjoyable, one thing toothsome. We do have that conjunction of Mercury to Saturn so there can breathe a miniature little bit of perhaps traverse pondering melancholy probably however Mercury is in Aquarius, the place it’s sparkling and ingenious. So in a conjunct Saturn, which is a ruler of Aquarius, as we mentioned, you already know, that may actually ameliorate us to arrange our pondering a miniature extra, and perhaps to breathe a miniature disciplined particularly when you’re a author. This can ameliorate to provide you some inspiration in addition to the main focus to breathe in a position to put your concepts to labor. And we have now a handsome trine from Venus to Mars that day, excellent for any kindly of interplay with different individuals. It’s a great day to perhaps blueprint an exercise as a result of Venus of passage represents our connections and Mars enjoys actions.

On Sunday, January 10 there’s actually not very mighty to talk of. We quiet have the Moon in Sagittarius, and within the afternoon that day the Moon will transit the South node of the previous. If there have been different planetary influences that day, I in all probability wouldn’t plane discuss this. But this may breathe a really delicate affect that may animate us simply to let refer of one thing from the previous. The South node represents energies and thought patterns that maintain us advocate. It’s contrary the north node of the long run. And so the Moon passing over that time can ameliorate us to let refer of one thing that we actually don’t necessity anymore.

Then on Monday, and we’ll have a fresh video that day, however the Moon goes to enter Capricorn within the morning. So we’re going to strike out of that Sagittarius lightness into Capricorn, a time of duty. We do too quiet have these Mercury interactions I used to be speaking about. So the intellect quiet very energetic. But that’s the day of the lovely sextile from Jupiter to Chiron. That sextile, which I spoke about earlier within the video is admittedly structure all through the week. But that’s the day on Monday when it actually culminates and it’s a lovely day to blueprint some systematize of formality, or one thing to homage the discharge of a caught sample of painful emotion, recollections of rejection, any kindly of factor love that, that causes you any danger. Jupiter’s blessings will ameliorate you to let refer. I cerebrate that’s a really good constructive place to aim this video. Thank you so mighty for becoming a member of me. I actually value it and I look route to seeing you subsequent week.

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