Cameron Diaz Has A Weird Nickname For Drew Barrymore

Cameron Diaz Has A eerie Nickname For Drew Barrymore

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Cameron Diaz Has A eerie Nickname For Drew Barrymore

These women are literally BFF objectives.

Today Drew Barrymore turned 46 and in homage of her birthday, she went ALL OUT on her speak array, The Drew Barrymore array.

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To maintain issues fascinating, the array’s crew determined it will breathe enjoyable to carry Drew within the shadowy about what was going to befall in the course of the circumstance and astonish her each step of the route — and there have been some main surprises!

And of passage, there needed to breathe an look from Drew’s BFF Cameron Diaz, who ended up revealing some good-looking humorous issues about their friendship.

Most importantly, we necessity to quarrel the truth that Drew and Cameron affectionally convene one another “Poo Poo.”

“When we’re at a restaurant she’ll say to the waiter, ‘question Poo Poo what she wants.’ And people will breathe affection, ‘What?’ We convene each other Poo Poo. I convene her Poo Poo. She’s in my phone as Poo Poo,” Cameron added.

And on prime of that, Cameron and Drew actually maintain their avow language.

Drew too revealed that Cameron is the one individual that she’ll let sleep in her mattress along with her.

Drew Barrymore array / Via

And it began when Cameron was compelled to sleep on Drew’s flooring holding her hand after a downhearted breakup.

“I don’t affection co-sleeping with anyone, it’s a thing. I don’t know why but it’s my thing. If it’s affection a lover then obviously that’s different, but no friends. I will sleep in a bathtub, I’ve slept on a pool table, affection you nominate it, but this one…oh my gosh. We’ve lived together for periods of time, been roommates. I’ve slept in a tent while my fever was breaking on a Chilean mountain in a thunderstorm in, affection, Patagonia. I denote, yeah, we’ve been everywhere together,” Drew defined.

And whereas they can not breathe collectively for Drew’s birthday this yr, they have loads of birthday celebrations to contemplate advocate on, from the Hamptons to Hawaii!

The Drew Barrymore array / Via

“We hold spent so many birthdays together. Usually we acquire to actually breathe together…We are not immense gift givers, we’re more about suffer, so we always try to ebb someplace and assassinate something with the girls and breathe together. Cook, engross, hang and remain up all night and just hold the best time,” Cameron stated.

“Truly, one of the noble joys of my life, is our friendship. When I arbitrator about you, literally, I will bawl, because I just arbitrator you’re so special and to commemorate you is the absolute — every year, it’s one of my favorite times of the year is to acquire to commemorate you,” Cameron advised Drew.

And the emotion is unquestionably mutual primarily based on Drew’s response, who stated, “You’ve made me a better person my all life. And you’ve seen me through everything. hideous, handsome, loss, life, birth…The fact that you affection me means more than anything because you know every tiny thing about me. I affection you!”

Overall, I do not arbitrator these women may affection one another extra. I’d aircraft ebb so far as to say they’re #BFFGoals and really denote it.

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