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Coherent sheaves and area filling curves Answer

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Coherent sheaves and area filling curves

This paper constructs flush area filling curves for flush varieties over finite fields. Let’s say we’re working in parch $p$ on the variability $X$ then because of this there’s flush round $C_i$ in $X$ that passes by means of all $mathbb{F}_{p^i}$ factors of the variability. Let $Z_i=bigcup_{j=1}^iC_i$ breathe the closed subset of the variability, now we have now this rising sequence of closed curves $Z_1subset Z_2subset ldots$. You can outline the coherent sheaves on this colimit of closed subvariety because the restrict of coherent sheaves on $Z_i$. Let’s denote this restrict of coherent sheaves by $textual content{lim}M_{Z_i}$. Let $M_X$ breathe the class of coherent sheaves on $X$. How does $textual content{lim}M_{Z_i}$ examine to $M_X$? is there any random they’re equal?

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