‘I’m A Very Bad Matchup For Conor McGregor’

Conor McGregor Fight Will ‘Always Make Sense’

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Conor McGregor Fight Will ‘Always Make Sense’

Rafael dos Anjos is quiet hoping to get a combat with Conor McGregor sooner or later.

Dos Anjos was conjectural to protect his light-weight title in opposition to McGregor at UFC 196 advocate in March 2016 just for harm to rule him out of the combat.

McGregor would refer on to countenance Nate Diaz in a pair of fights whereas “RDA” finally returned to motion and misplaced his title to Eddie Alvarez which clique the latter as much as countenance the Irishman as an alternative.

There was later discuss of an interim welterweight title combat between Dos Anjos and McGregor in 2018 just for it to not come to fruition both.

But now that Dos Anjos is advocate within the prime 10 of the light-weight division, he feels a matchup with McGregor is all the time workable and one that can make sense given their historical past.

“He (McGregor) picks his fights, and one with me will always make sense,” dos Anjos instructed Ag Fight (through Bloody Elbow). “It was meant to happen once and it didn’t. Now that the pieces are moving again in the division, I think there’s a big chance of it happening.

“He has other options, though, like a trilogy with Nate Diaz or Dustin Poirier. He’s ahead of me in the rankings. Our clash is even closer now.”

It’s definitely a combat that may befall sooner or later. But for now, McGregor appears avid to avenge his current conquer to Poirier final month in a possible trilogy combat.

And so far as their rematch went, Dos Anjos believes Poirier had a very good recreation blueprint which too confirmed a limpid path to conquest in opposition to the previous double champion.

“Poirier had a good game plan,” Dos Anjos added. “He didn’t go out there to just strike. Right off the bat he took Conor down and that confused him. Conor is an excellent fighter, he has great boxing. He’s very technical, but he can’t make adjustments in the middle of a fight. If the fight doesn’t go down the way he imagined, he gets lost. He doesn’t deal well with getting hit. When he takes a punch, he makes it noticeable right away.

“He’s not in a good moment, but a fight is a fight. Fighters are all about motivation. Let’s see if he can take advantage of his bad moment to get focused, analyze what went wrong and come back strong.”

Do you cerebrate we’ll ever behold Dos Anjos and McGregor collide?

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