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constrained MDP Answer

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constrained MDP

I’ve a doubt that’s an extension of this query: https://mathoverflow.bag/questions/44677/is-there-mdps-markow-decision-process-which-have-a-non-deterministic-optimal-p#:~:textual content=4percent20Answers&textual content=If%20therepercent20ispercent20anpercent20optimal,ispercent20apercent20deterministicpercent20optimalpercent20policy.&textual content=So%20allpercent20actionspercent20willpercent20give,betterpercent20onpercent20allpercent20Markovianpercent20strategies.
My query is: Can we are saying that for each coverage, there exists a deterministic coverage in illustration of constrained discounted MDP?(i.e. when there are a number of discounted prices with one expense within the unprejudiced and the relaxation with bounds within the constraints)

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