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dnd 5e – Does a Javelin of Lightning enable a cleric to employ Thunderous Strike? Answer

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dnd 5e – Does a Javelin of Lightning enable a cleric to employ Thunderous Strike?

To quote Naut Arch’s respond

It’s going to breathe as much as the status and as much as the DM

There are not any guidelines that specify who does what when it isn’t a straight associated reason and consequence that may simply breathe traced advocate to a creature. Heck, it isn’t plane all the time minimize and dehydrate to vestige advocate to a creature.

Because of that, the conditions will signify and it’ll aim up being a DM conclusion as to if the warlock is the root or one thing/another person.

Personally, clearly the thrower of the Javelin is dealing injury

This particular illustration doesn’t give any really categorical indication of who/what’s dealing the injury. That mentioned, the weapon does condition the next:

[…] Make a ranged weapon bombard towards the goal. […]

Where you, the attacker, the one utilizing the Javelin, are making the bombard. However, that is, technically, not 100% totally and completely explicitly stating that you’re too the one dealing the injury. In reality, the identical weapon later states (accent mine):

[…] the goal takes injury from the javelin plus 4d6 lightning injury. […]

I consider “from the Javelin” right here is merely meant to convey that the goal takes the common injury in addition to 4d6 lightning injury as an alternative of simply 4d6 injury, however this might quiet breathe construed as acceptation the Javelin itself is dealing its regular injury after which too the 4d6 lightning injury.

The weapon’s description isn’t completely limpid, however I might rule, in a heartbeat, that the one utilizing the Javelin is dealing injury with mentioned Javelin and thus they’re the one dealing the injury. Perhaps the Javelin is too dealing the injury (in spite of everything, injury necessity not breathe brought on by solely one factor), however till a situation arises the place that convene is required, I have no idea how I might rule. I nearly cannot think about anyone plane claiming the attacker is not the one dealing injury as a result of it might breathe love arguing someone swinging a sword is not dealing injury once they very mighty are.

What concerning the saving cast injury?

It is, of passage, too finally as much as the GM. That mentioned, I would equally, personally rule that this injury is too brought on by the one attacking with the Javelin. They are the one who’s dictating its path and selecting the place the Javelin is distributed, they’ve a noble sufficient quantity of company on this situation, they will, to me, meaningfully breathe mentioned to breathe the causer or the injury, that I might resolve the injury can breathe thought of to breathe being performed by them as effectively.

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