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t/n: FIY, there have been many different accusations because the final time he introduced he’ll breathe suing once more following the put up that we translated

(T/N: extra pics of the screenshot textual content within the hyperlink, we’re simply going to translate the textual content)

Regarding School violence, 

First of all, I grew up in New Zealand, I’m extra cozy with English than Korean so delight grasp. 

Hello. I used to be a sufferer of discipline violence throughout my discipline days. He went to Westlake Boys High School (I’ll breathe calling it ‘Seoho’ as a brief figure from now) and privilege now JBG turned a illustrious hero, his gross actuality is so scary to me. 

People will question me why did I abide so lengthy to write down one thing, am I simply leaping on the bandwagon? The first time I noticed that JBG turned an actor was in Sky Castle. At that time, I attempted warning journalists about him on a Katalk group, but it surely did not develop into an enormous loom. I did not know the place I might refer to make extra individuals cognizant of this so I simply gave up at that time. Every time I attempted, the loom simply bought buried down. 

If you take a look at different exposing posts, individuals all the time say stuff love they do not actually survey [Korean] TV. If you animate abroad, you may’t probably survey this mighty Korean TV. I do not behold Korean applications the significance I launch my TV, so I necessity to peek particular web sites on my pill to search for them. I did so and I spotted that dramas and selection exhibits would mannerism when I’m sleeping and I haven’t got the vitality for that, so I often simply survey clips on Youtube for Korean content material. But since he bought illustrious, JBG began showing extra on IG and on Youtube, and each time I behold his photos and movies emerge I simply get so tormented and furious. He was clearly a evil particular person to me. He’s somebody who ought to get punished for what he did and too apologize. 

I went to Naver and looked for his designation and noticed that he appeared on some illustrious program and I used to be planning to only oversee however my buddy despatched me a message about his discipline violence controversy yesterday and after I noticed it, it led to Nate Pann. I’ve learn a couple of exposing posts and some different shielding posts and I simply let it slip. I do not concern about what kindly of particular person JBG was as a principal discipline pupil or center discipline pupil. I’m solely going to write down about what I do know after I met him. 

He got here as an change pupil in 2010 and as quickly as he arrived, he bought illustrious for his attractiveness with  New Zealand’s Oakland’s Korean neighborhood. He grew his connections with iljins of colleges right here and there love that. 

On sooner or later, I completed class early and he noticed me and requested me to refer to the norebang with him. Since we had been 3 individuals, I went to the norebang. Seoho’s closest neighborhood was referred to as Takapuna and there was a norebang there that is not there anymore now. The expense for 3 individuals is round 25-30$. Of passage, I used to be the one who ended up paying for everybody. I could not sing properly however I quiet tried to refer with the humor so I acted love I used to be in a kids occasion subsequent to them singing. 

During the final track, they advised me to sing it, and I stated that I could not sing as a result of I’m tone deaf and so they began grabbing the mic and hitting me. They hit me with rising depth to my knees, legs, shoulders, and many others. I could not ameliorate it so I ended up singing and so they began mocking me for being tone deaf…. 

This occurred within the identical day. It was throughout science and physics class and we needed to construct a catapult as our homework. I did not have good dexterity so my mother helped me construct it. It was a catapult that was constructed by me and my mother however JBG stated that because it’s good property, we might simply go away it as an present at discipline, however I simply needed to carry it residence. The dimension was fairly massive so it could not reconcile in my bag. JBG then stated that he was embarrassed to breathe with me (t/n: as a result of he was holding his catapult exterior the bag), took it away from me and broke it. And he took the elastics that fell from it and shot them love a gun at me ( what I denote privilege?).Seriously fairly than it being painful, I simply hated the truth that he trampled over a remembrance of me and my mother and I too hated myself for maxim nothing at the moment. 

He was all the time tormenting me however I simply did not wish to display it no signify what. We had an meeting for the earlier yr the place everybody gathered collectively and each week on Monday or Friday? We would have individuals obtain an award. We had to do that as soon as per week and the discipline principal and VP would each display as much as expose the award. As quickly as this was over, all of the hyungs gathered to C hindrance (it was how our discipline’s sections had been divided) and so they would not palpitate me up, however they might menace me and swear at me and I could not avoid till class time. If anybody dared to feel him, he would convene his connections to gang up towards that particular person. 

That’s when issues bought sober. If he noticed me, he would demur me or hit me, that was the benchmark. Everything in his hand might rotate right into a weapon. For instance, when it is raining, and he noticed me on the bus cease, he would hit me with an umbrella. 

Sometimes throughout breaks or lunch time, and he noticed me, he would take me to the discipline’s Tuck Shop (it is a retailer) and question me to purchase no matter he needs. There are lots of people who cerebrate that if I get to animate abroad that I’m affluent and that it is not an enormous quantity anyhow. It’s undoubted that typically talking, change college students are properly off… But I’m what you’d convene a soil-spoon (t/n: not golden spoon). I bought providential as a result of my dad and mom had been already in New Zealand so I did not have any Visa points, however my dad and mom could not plane talk English after they arrived abroad. They had no transferrable abilities, so that they had been cleansing colleges at evening. That’s the kindly of cash JBG stole from me. 

But I used to be recomforted over the truth that JBG will most likely refer advocate to Korea throughout time period 2 and I would not should behold him ever once more. (In New Zealands, you’ll have 4 semester for principal/center discipline). Those are time period 1 to 4, and 4 semesters of 10 weeks every.). 

I noticed that there was a put up on Nate about somebody maxim that JBG wasn’t in New Zealand in 2011, however somebody posted a yearbook from 2011 of their put up. If you may have relations in New Zealand, you may corroborate it your self. Usually, for a yr cook dinner, you’d take photos from time period 3 to time period 4 in them. You would take photos from Form class (?) so there are photos of you doing sports activities and stuff love that. That’s why I haven’t got any portray of JBG (t/n: as a result of he went advocate throughout time period 2). As a proof, I’ve photos of him in February 2011, through the birth of the semester in our athletic gathering(?) that I create on Facebook. Semesters initiate in February in New Zealand and through time period 1 we might all the time have athletic assembly. 

Let me add the extra explanations about JBG: 

– He was tremendous scrawny advocate then, however he liked taking his shirt off on a regular basis. It was to the purpose it made me marvel if he was an exhibitionist

– We animate in a unique technology now, however he used to smoke quite a bit. He plane had photos of him smoking along with his shirt off on Facebook, however his narrative disappeared when he went advocate to Korea, so all his Facebook photos too disappeared. 

– He was capable of date right here and there along with his good-looking appears, he dated nearly each woman that was handsome 

– The first time I noticed he bought illustrious, I contacted one of many journalists I noticed on Naver via an launch chat on Kakaotalk and plane had an interview. But after I noticed the content material of the article, they talked about that he was making an attempt to remain away from the bludgeon picture he had in his drama and that he wasn’t love that. I used to be so pissed

– If JBG is studying this, I wish to question you one thing. Have you ever considered apologizing? No however severely, each time I behold advice of you, it is simply painful for me, however do you plane really feel the slightest sorrow… Even after I put that mighty element in what I wrote, you most likely do not plane bethink me. You most likely thought it wasn’t an enormous ration, however I get so sensible of others now and their gazes scare me. When I haven’t got labor, I simply remain residence. 

New Zealand’s society is kind of diminutive, so if I write stuff love that, individuals will most likely know who I’m so I’m fairly scared too. But privilege now, everybody that I knew from tall discipline all disappeared so I’m exquisite I speculate.. Since I’m lonely.. 

OP initially wrote on a masculine gallery, however netizens advised him that Pann attracts extra consideration, however he could not go online Pann since he lives abroad so I’m posting his issues right here

This is in actual fact JBG in 2011 in New Zealand

Look on the comparability, They’re fairly alike, particularly the brows, the hair and bangs, the neck size and plane the countenance angles being totally different, they’ve the identical brows.

Don’t you guys discover it eerie that there are quiet posts being made plane although they introduced they had been going to sue? I’m inclined to consider the scholar

And you may hardly show bullying particularly when it has been such a very long time, often individuals can show it with only a commencement bespeak. 

I do not know what number of posts about him being uncovered I’ve seen now, to breathe trustworthy, it is my first time seeing this many put up retain being posted plane after they introduced a lawsuit. Doesn’t issues get quiet as soon as they advertise it often? 

The one on the privilege was made by JBG’s followers making an attempt to assume that it is the HQ model of the portray and that it wasn’t JBG, however for those who take a look at the chin on their portray, is that plane the identical chin? And how did he get double eyelids?

OP stated he had the intent to put up about it on Bobae Dream and that he too simply spoke to 2 journalists. And privilege now the entire masculine celebrities communities are beginning to consider him 

“I’m adding this, there was a total of 6 teams at Westlake. Hood (plum), Stanley (red), Pupuke (blue), Murchinson (white), Smale (green) and Ururoto (black). 

If you look at the 2010 yearbook, you would know, but JBG was in the red Stanley team, that’s why he had to wear red during the athletic meeting. If you look can see white, freen, blue, etc. tshirts too”

(put up a couple of attorney XXX from the legislation role contacting OP as a result of the IG put up he made might naked legal offence from Gangnam police station. The attorney is asking him to delete what he posted)

The attorney despatched a DM to Op…

put up response:


1. [+1,250, -18]

If you are a regular functioning particular person with tidings…Aren’t you going to initiate getting suspicious when this many accusation posts are out (plane after they advertise they’re suing)? I’ve by no means seen this many exposing posts earlier than

2. +1,158, -17]

Even although the sufferer lives in a alien nation and tries to show the all the things, the followers are quiet shielding him with none proofs with their nonsense clarification posts. It’s a infamy that this incident was buried for being fabricated.. 

3. [+1052, -16]

I used to be simply going to assume that there have been no victims within the first place with how the articles got here out yesterday…. To all of the celebrities pondering that they’ll assume nothing occurred, do not plane cerebrate about turning into a hero for those who dedicated discipline violence up to now, we do not animate in a world the place we overlook concerning the previous. 

4. [+510, -3]

He plane posted photos of his classmates, is not he tremendous plausible? The route he defined all the things was route too circumstantial too… It’s my first time seeing somebody have this many exposing posts popping out 

5. [+493, -0]

JBG’s facet is maxim how he was by no means in New Zealand in 2011, and that he by no means dyed his hair, however now that we’ve the actual proof photos, I cerebrate it is ravishing to consider that his discipline violence was too actual. Just acknowledge it and apologize. The sufferer is quiet in his 20s I am unable to think about having the ability to  endure the humiliation and frustration of the discipline violence he obtained as a young person I do not cerebrate him deciding to sue is threatening anybody right here


I used to be the one who blurred the opposite individuals’s faces

1. Ew loopy, the route he smiles is freaking disturbing ;;

2. At this charge, he is positively problematic 

3. If he quiet claims that there was no discipline violence, he is simply loopy…

4. No however the route he treats his grandmother made me love him so mighty on selection exhibits, that is love his tang behind my head 

5. So he did dye his hair, and the timing was truly privilege 

6. Wow… And I used to be the one shielding him…. 

7. The followers of JBG had been placing their lives on the road on the market maxim that it wasn’t him on the primary portray OP posted… I simply really feel evil for them at this level

8. The followers are going loopy on IG, simply remain quiet… You guys are those including gas to the zeal

9. The followers are simply as wonderful

10. Anyone can inform that is JBG, but the followers are shielding him maxim it wasn’t him ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Hello, that is HB Entertainment.

This is our extra official assertion on the disloyal rumors and malicious feedback which are at present spreading about actor Jo Byeong Gyu.

First, we’ve checked with the actor and confirmed that each one the posts and rumors which are circulating on-line are disloyal. Earlier, on February 17, the company introduced our intent to pursue authorized motion towards those that unfold disloyal rumors and defaming feedback about Jo Byeong Gyu.

As the hooked up doc exhibits, after the company’s assertion was launched, the spreader of the disloyal rumor (“A”) promised to speculate on their actions and preclude such a factor from occurring once more and requested lenient remedy. However, since we’ve proof that those that unfold recklessly disloyal details about Jo Byeong Gyu with malicious intent have dedicated contempt and defamation beneath the legal code and the Act on the Promotion of the Use of Information and Communication Networks and the Protection of Information, we requested an official police investigation and the Gangnam Police Station’s cyber investigation unit is at present dealing with the investigation.

We advise all netizens that we’ll not oversee those that unfold and/or put up malicious feedback and posts on boards, on-line communities, portal websites, and companionable media that refer past expressing one’s avow view or what is taken into account socially acceptable.

HB Entertainment will proceed to gather proof and monitor on-line in order that additional harm doesn’t happen to our artists. We will take stout authorized motion with out negotiation or lenient remedy so that folks can breathe held trustworthy for his or her actions.

[Jo Byeong Gyu], who endured an extended epoch of obscurity and is simply now beginning to get his significance within the highlight, goes via a difficult time. As the people who find themselves in freight of taking care of him, the company regrets this very mighty.

However, we intend to beat this with the faith of followers who proceed to dispatch of their affection and uphold for Jo Byeong Gyu and not using a change of coronary heart. We question on your heat console in order that actors will now not obtain injure from these malicious feedback and posts.

Thank you.

1. Should’ve simply led a antiseptic life to initiate with 

2. If none of that is undoubted, why not define your self? Why attraction to us via feelings? I do not grasp 

3. I’m simply at lack of phrases, he is quiet pretending nothing has occurred and selling

4. If what the claims stated aren’t undoubted, why not refute them? Instead he is pretending nothing occurred

5. The titleㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. All he must do is define himself, there is no necessity to sue at this level 

7. He ruined his avow picture, all he ought to’ve executed is define 

8. What kindly of condone is “He’s in the spotlight”?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. ㅋㅋㅋ Goosebumps

10. If he is this anxious concerning the rumors, why not elucidate and define himself? Hiding behind his firm would not make him look good

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