[enter-talk] WOW DID YOU GUYS SEE KAI?

[enter-talk] WOW DID YOU GUYS graze KAI?

our group welcomes you, we would like you capitalize from [enter-talk] WOW DID YOU GUYS graze KAI? and are lucky to ebb to you website, In this part Okay-pop Korean followers we proffer you at all times yabuki nako and chungha pliable surgical procedure, jang wonyoung and roy kim seungri.

He’s the primary particular person on the earth to carry a group to his nominate in Gucci
I’m f*cking smug

“Human Gucci” EXO Kai, a capsule assortment to his nominate. The first one worldwide”

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Isn’t this white shirt so handsome? It’s such a nice piece for haphazard/daily wear

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Wasn’t he too the first one domestically who got a performance video for Gucci in collaboration with GQ? It’s too the first one in the world to hold a collab with Gucci too. To hold the “world’s first” attached to your nominate is really daebak
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excellent job. excellent job. Seriously freaking excellent job

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This is just as daebak as Pharrell x Chanel’s capsule collection. Gucci is such a worldwide stigma and our country’s hero is having their first collab collection  Seriously that is daebak and I’m so smug

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We will aid whenever there’s something going on – affection affection Gucci 
Q: There’s a portray that created a bit of a sensation online recently. The portray where Gucci sent a coffee truck to Kai. The classic Gucci green/red ribbon of Gucci was really cute
A: This was sent during the final online meeting of his solo promotion. Before that, Gucci has already mentioned “If one thing occurs we’ll help you, if not we’ll expedition you a espresso truck. To breathe sincere I by no means thought they’d really expedition me one, I used to be so touched. Actually I wished to array it off (chuckle)

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