Episode 61 | The Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn: We Feel Bloated! – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent

Episode 61 | The Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn: We Feel Bloated! – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent

Astronomy is likely one of the oldest sciences which might be involved with celestial phenomena, their evolution, and their somatic and chemical traits. We await to capitalize from Episode 61 | The Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn: We Feel Bloated! – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent and seek the modifications that happen to your badge, and too the solar in astronomy is the principle consider figuring out the character of the person and his route of life because it determines the obstacles that Will breathe uncovered.

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 61 (12/21/2020)

061 | The Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn: We Feel Bloated!

April and Jen are thrilled to welcome the week we’ve all been ready for! It’s uncommon that the Capricorn Solstice takes a advocate seat to the rest within the sky, however Jupiter’s meet-up with Saturn in Aquarius takes the reward! Fighting for that homage as nicely is a Mars/Pluto sq. that might pretense the headline in any unusual week. All of this, plus a feisty Aries First Quarter Moon, Uranian inspiration, and the limbo!

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00:30 – April and Jen don their Charlie Brown shirts for a giant week on deck! Jen has been making April say three good issues about herself for a complete yr, since Episode 4, The Capricorn Solstice Is Frequently Sunny in Minneapolis. Maybe you’d love to listen to extra in regards to the Capricorn Solstice from one yr in the past? (To study in regards to the Charlie Brown reference, take heed to Episode 9, It’s Aquarius Season, Charlie Brown!)

03:11 – The Solstice is when the Sun does the limbo, privilege? No abide, that’s grievance! It’s when the Sun enters the badge of Capricorn, initiating winter within the northern hemisphere and summer time within the southern hemisphere (Dec. 21, 2:03 am PST). Thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? (If you long for a complete circumstance solely for the Solstice, deem changing into a patron of the podcast! For a mere $5 or extra, you’ll turn out to be a BSA podpal, deserve our heat thanks, AND obtain a yr’s price of Solstice/Equinox episodes! Win-win!)

06:52 – The significance we’ve all been ready for: Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius (Dec. 21, 10:20 a.m. PST) for the primary time since 1405. Listen to the dissimilarity between Great Conjunctions (Jupiter/Saturn meet-ups) in earth vs. mannerism indicators; every cycle lasts about 200 years. As we enter a fresh age of Great Conjunctions in mannerism indicators, search for developments in communications and improvements. (Revisit to Episode 17, Saturn in Aquarius: All in This Together to listen to extra about this theme!)

10:37 – What does the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction denote for you? Find 0° Aquarius in your start chart. What home is it in? Do you’ve got planet nearby 0° of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio? That’s your clue. (Don’t know the way to discover that? Here’s April’s valid submit.) Jupiter guidelines growth, Saturn guidelines construction, and when the 2 come collectively there’s numerous pressure. We’ll probably behold a extra digital- and online-based economic system, and additional adjustment to the modifications that know-how has dropped at society as a all.

13:27 – This week’s Moonwatch phase is dropped at you by our very first non-imaginary sponsor, Faunabelle Tarot!! We’re happy to advertise these beautiful playing cards – do bridle out their Kickstarter which launched on Dec. 19th! Let’s ameliorate make this marvelous dream a actuality!

16:00 – ** MOONWATCH! ** The Aries First Quarter Moon (Dec. 21, 3:41 PM PST) happens 0.34 Aries, which is too the Solstice Point. This incident brings the vitality of motion across the Solstice, taking place on the identical day, permitting for route movement. Might the cosmos breathe encouraging us to behave on some issues that we’ve been planning or eager about? This FQM too triggers final summer time’s Solar Eclipse on the Summer Solstice – what was taking place for you then, in addition to round March 24, 2020, once we had the primary captious significance on this lunar aspect household?

19:25 – Mars, at 23.55 Aries, squares Pluto in Capricorn (Dec. 23). The planet of warfare and the effort of non-public will is on the Sabian attribute, “An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia.” The planet of loss of life and rebirth sits on, “A woman entering a convent.” Such lovely and still symbols for such a problematic facet! Instead of emotion crushed underneath these forces, we’re being provided the occasion to employ our private vitality and can within the service of one thing bigger than ourselves. (This story started on March 22/23 with the conjunction. Another intuition to revisit to Episode 17, Saturn in Aquarius: All in This Together – you possibly can hear extra about this theme!) This is the third and ultimate sq. on this succession. (To hear in regards to the different two, refer to Episode 38, Taurus Last Quarter Moon – however abide, there’s S’extra! and Episode 50, The Grand Cross: Wheel! Of! Fortune!)

24:08 – Mercury, at 6.53 of Capricorn, trines Uranus in Taurus (Dec. 24). The Sun follows within the communication planet’s footsteps, and too trines Uranus (Dec. 27). How are you able to get impressed, as we method the aim of 2020?

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