Episode 63 | Mars Enters Taurus (and There Was Much Rejoicing!) – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent

Episode 63 | Mars Enters Taurus (and There Was Much Rejoicing!) – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent

Astronomy is among the oldest sciences which can be involved with celestial phenomena, their evolution, and their somatic and chemical traits. We await to capitalize from Episode 63 | Mars Enters Taurus (and There Was Much Rejoicing!) – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent and seek the modifications that happen to your badge, and too the solar in astronomy is the primary think about figuring out the persona of the person and his route of life because it determines the obstacles that Will breathe uncovered.


063 | Mars Enters Taurus (And There Was Much Rejoicing!)

April and Jen welcome the primary complete week of 2021 and pin this circumstance to their imaginative and prescient boards! Several planets enter fresh indicators and recent territory this week, together with the long-awaited transition of Mars from Aries to Taurus. Mercury will get centered with Pluto, enters Aquarius, and will get energized by Mars and arranged with Saturn. And whereas we could breathe complete of plans for the fresh 12 months, a Libra Last Quarter Moon encourages us to first look to the previous. Plus: private planets, eagles, rest room books, and icicles!

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00:30 – April and Jen invite you to create a imaginative and prescient board – or perhaps destroy one? Whatever fits your care for! What’s your imaginative and prescient for 2021? Does it comprise eagles? (And sure, there’s a Philadelphia Eagles soccer group! Also, now you understand why we don’t host a sports activities display!)

04:16 – Let’s get all the way down to brass tacks: Mercury joins Pluto (Jan. 4) at 24.19 Capricorn, intriguing us to focus, do analysis, or maybe examine one thing. The ruler is Saturn in Aquarius, giving us long-range planning skills. (And the Faunabelle Tarot card for the magician is the coyote!)

07:32 – ** MOONWATCH! ** ​ The Last Quarter Moon (LQM) at 17 Libra is on the Sabian attribute, “A retired sea captain” (Jan. 6). LQMs at all times enable for ending issues up and a epoch of analysis. This level connects us to the lunar aspect household that started in October 2018 on the attribute, “A boat landing washed away,” which speaks to birth anew when one thing is taken away. But this sea captain has overcome some obstacles, and asks us: How can we better upon what was began not solely 3 weeks in the past, however too advocate in fall of 2018?

11:24 – Venus in Sagittarius is the ruler of this LQM, which is an brisk chart, rife with tense points – together with with Mars, who’s ending his sojourn by way of Aries. Perhaps this can be a good place to initiate the New Year, suggesting we take motion as we wrap up and deem not simply the previous 30 days, however too this lengthy go-get-‘em Mars cycle that started on the aim of June!

14:07 – And there was mighty rejoicing: Mars saunters into Taurus (Jan. 6 – Mar. 3)! As Mars slows down and stabilizes, it’s time to get traction on fresh initiatives. And don’t breathe fooled: Although that is the badge of Mars’s detriment, it’s a massive placement, having an extended fuse and measured tempo.

18:16 – Venus enters Capricorn (Jan. 8), embracing the grace of purposeful types and the simplicity of well-made, helpful objects with antiseptic strains, and tall cost-per-wear worth! It’s a noble time to equilibrium your checkbook, create a blueprint, and savor the bare-bones grace of issues.

22:30 – Venus, at 1.15 Capricorn, trines Mars in Taurus (Jan. 9), a fecund time for love, as there’s a somatic element to this transit. It’s too time to relish unaffected, unostentatious magnificence – construct a miniature rock wall in your backyard or a snow fort in your yard!

24:57 – Mercury enters Aquarius (Jan 8), trying to the long run, and bringing a 3rd private planet right into a fresh badge! Tangent of the week: What are private planets? (Revisit considered one of our hottest episodes – Episode 8, Saturn and Pluto Need a Party – to listen to extra about this transit, and as a bounty you’ll get to listen to our first Bob Ross reference!)

29:33 – Mercury, at 1 Aquarius, squares Mars in Taurus (Jan. 8) on the attribute, “An old adobe mission.” Mars sits on, “A clear mountain stream,” maybe instructing us to intermission for a significance on the “mountain stream” earlier than stirring on to the subsequent “mission.” Is your well-intentioned “mission” nearly as good for others as you cerebrate it’s? And take heed: This transit can breathe related to dropping one’s mood and being simply triggered. (Oops! The “old adobe mission” attribute was in Episode 19, Jupiter Meets Pluto: Two Thumbs…Up? advocate on March 31 – not the Saturn-in-Aquarius one.)

32:22 – Mercury conjuncts Saturn (Jan. 9) on the attribute for 3 Aquarius, “A deserter from the navy.” This speaks to wanting to chop bait, but this assembly normally speaks of pertinacity, brainpower, getting organized, and sticking with issues which can be wearisome. Connecting it to final week’s classes round letting refer, maybe that is about pondering: What is value placing your power behind? We can’t do every little thing, in spite of everything.

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