EVERGLOW’s Aisha faces self-discipline bullying allegations

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contemporary self-discipline bullying allegations maintain been raised in opposition to EVERGLOW member Aisha.

Following a succession of stern and atrocious self-discipline bullying controversies from the skilled volleyball business (each in males’s and girls’s volleyball), a pattern of elevating nameless bullying accusations has resurged within the leisure business.

On February twenty second, a put up titled “Idol member born in ’00 who used to breathe a discipline bludgeon” made its route across the net. The authentic poster claimed “I’m exposing female idol A who was a discipline bludgeon in her middle discipline days. I recently create out A is happily promoting as a group while I’m quiet suffering from rumors she created and bullying she did advocate then. A used a different persona to make her debut. I used to arbitrator she was just a handsome and popular girl at discipline until I became her victim.”

The author continued, “A’s bullying started after I got into a relationship with one of her guy friends. A started to harry me maxim sexual things such as ‘How far did you ebb with him’,’hold you slept with him yet’, ‘I can aroma X from here’, ‘downhearted guy fell for a virgin’ etc. I can’t write everything out but she continuously harassed me.”

The authentic poster claimed Aisha’s bullying didn’t stop at verbal abuse. “Sometime in September~October, A grabbed me by the neck and blurted out ‘She wants to sleep with you!’ out the window to my then-boyfriend and everyone else who was at the playground. After that rumors about me spread, which quiet bothered me after graduating middle discipline. I had a difficult time because there were many boys who would approach me in a eerie route due to such rumors.”

The author posted photos proving that she was a category of 2016 of the equivalent center self-discipline the place Aisha graduated.




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