G-Idle's Soojin denies rumors of committing assault as a school bully

G-Idle’s Soojin denies rumors of committing beset as a discipline bludgeon

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G-Idle’s Soojin denies rumors of committing beset as a discipline bludgeon

Article: G-Idle Soojin’s discipline bullying controversy, “After checking with her… it was over a dispute”

Source: Seoul News by way of Naver

1. [+3,861, -102] So the sufferer is looking it an beset, Soojin’s simply calling it a dispute. Is this a jest?

2. [+2,034, -45] From the route the company is reacting, it appears love it was bullying and beset. They weren’t in a position to come out and contradict it privilege away, it took them hours to lastly put out an announcement that is principally blah blah a couple of “dispute” or no matter. The sufferer’s put up was very circumstantial and it appears there’s one other third get together sufferer interested as nicely. Soojin’s company shouldn’t be dealing with this very nicely as a result of as soon as that different sufferer steps route, the media will latch on and it will not simply breathe Soojin however the gross G-Idle staff that can breathe on the chopping hindrance.

3. [+1,719, -33] If that is your official assertion, then you definately necessity to narrate what that “dispute” was about!

4. [+1,328, -43] Just since you menace to sue would not denote the crime goes away. It took you hours to provide you with an official assertion and all it’s is a “dispute” ㅋㅋ Come out wiht one thing extra circumstantial. Tell us who was interested and what the dispute was over. Leave it to the general public ot arbitrator whether or not it was a dispute or beset.

5. [+495, -7] School bullying, smoking, and drunk driving scandals are deadly to an idol’s profession, so for the company to return out with an announcement simply calling it a dispute means they’re both giving up on the idol or they’re making an attempt to distract the general public as a result of they’ve one thing to conceal. I actually do not cerebrate this official assertion was the privilege route to refer. It particularly annoys me that the second line within the assertion is already accusing folks of blocking the paths to the opposite members’ desires.

6. [+343, -16] Something concerning the wording feels off on this. So you checked with Soojin and confirmed that it was only a dispute?

7. [+276, -7] Seems love businesses are set off fortunate with the lawsuit assertion at any time when discipline bullying rumors pop up. You ought to breathe prioritizing discovering out the veracity earlier than threatening lawsuits. 

8. [+217, -10] Seems love the company’s intent on denying every part to guard their investments in her. Cube simply results in the recent seat no signify what they do.

Article: “Forced to slap” discipline bullying rumors… G-Idle Soojin reps, “False rumors”

Source: Joongang Ilbo by way of Naver

1. [+1,442, -145] She seems love she’d have a denote slap to her

2. [+928, -19] I cerebrate idol businesses have seen too many instances of careers being ruined after admitting to being a discipline bludgeon in order that they’re all simply going to contradict it till they’re blue within the countenance now. Not love there’s any difficult proof.

3. [+533, -10] And what’re you going to do if the rumors aim up undoubted? 

4. [+544, -89] Physiognomy is science

5. [+295, -7] Everyone denies it at first, simply love Hyorin did. It’s difficult for the sufferer to return out on high in instances love these until they went all out and bought hospital data and every part. People who torture others ought to by no means breathe allowed jobs that obtain affection from the general public love this.

6. [+201, -2] I want all discipline bullies would breathe exiled from their industries

7. [+181, -4] It’s solely the simple athletes who admit to discipline bullying rumors as a result of they do not have advocate up. Idols have advocate up and so they know the regulation is on their facet till a remaining judgment is dominated so they may contradict it till the aim, whether or not the rumors are undoubted or not. Most victims then aim up taking down their posts as a result of what number of are stout sufficient to countenance up in opposition to a staff of attorneys? I ante a attorney has already contacted the sufferer on this illustration. An company is an gross system… one particular person can not combat them lonely.

8. [+130, -1] Everyone denies it at first. Then you initiate offering the proof.. after which they admit that they have been immature, that they are reflecting… then refer noiseless and are available advocate and act love nothing ever occurred.

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