(G)-Idle's Soojin under controversy for school bullying and assault

(G)-indolent’s Soojin beneath controversy for self-discipline bullying and beset

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Article: G-indolent’s Soojin beneath distrust of abuse, “drank alcohol, smoked, forced to slap and took money”

root: Sports Chosun

On the twentieth, netizen A claimed by way of companionable media that her dongsaeng [younger sister] was a sufferer of (G)-indolent Soojin‘s self-discipline bullying. 

A acknowledged, “I don’t arbitrator I can dilatory it anymore so I’m going to post it today. Soojin called my dongsaeng and her friend to the bathroom of a shopping mall and said “I’ll hit her first” and suddenly slapped her in the countenance. Then she told her friend who was with her “now its your rotate hit her” and made her friend slap her. My dongsaeng and her friend had to slap each other in the countenance. The girl that slapped my sister, took her money and bullied her became an idol and shamelessly shows her countenance on TV.”

Another sufferer B acknowledged, I went to the identical academy as her. One day I wasn’t able to ebb but she texted me to approach no signify what. I apologized and said that wouldn’t breathe workable but from then on her and her group of delinquents sent out a text to me and everyone else maxim, “XX is an outcast from now.” I was so scared that I called her and kept apologizing. 

“She would make me drink her opened drinks and left them unfinished after which would maintain my cash maxim that she had completed her drink and needed to pay for it. She took different individuals’s uniforms and wore them and by no means returned them. She stole different individuals’s belongings, cursed at different college students after they refused to offer their belongings, noisily roamed round city using behind one the older boys who had a bike, drank alcohol and smoked.”

Another victim C stated“Recently, a variety of articles maintain been posted that Soojin is a self-discipline bludgeon. I contemn to contemplate affection a kind of women hating on her as a result of she’s well-known however after we had been in Junior substantial, she was the worst bludgeon in her group. Whenever I arbitrator about it I purchase so mad. 

In the meantime, CUBE Entertainment has denied the rumors stating “they’re fake.”

  1. [+1,724, -123] She’s scary and appears affection she’d maintain a denote slap to her.
  2. [+1,113, -22] Looks affection they’re simply going to contradict it till the stop as a result of they know so many careers maintain ended from admitting to being a bludgeon. It’s not affection there’s tough proof anyway.
  3. [+644, -11] aircraft if correct, assassinate companies aircraft maintain provisions on punishment for bullying?
  4. [+650, -101] Physiognomy is a science
  5. [+483, -13] Hyorin denied it at first too. Since there is no proof it is tough for victims to deserve in these conditions until they purchase hospital data and all. People that bludgeon others should not breathe allowed to carry jobs the place they purchase to obtain affection from the general public. 
  6. [+254, -7] She mentioned she’d write extra in the event that they maintain denying it ㅋ
  7. [+249, -3] I want youngsters that bludgeon others would purchase buried from the business
  8. [+208, -11] Weren’t there rumors that Blackpink Jennie mocked and harassed Korean college students finding out in contemporary Zealand as a result of they could not discuss English affection her? aircraft although they posted Jennie’s commencement images and testimony of associates however they disappeared and solely the rumors remained? They maintain but to precise an official place on it both so I await they’ll examine all of those incidents.
  9. [+179, -5] If that is correct they need to breathe exiled without end. Sistar Hyorin, Jimin, Jin Dal-rae…we should not breathe compelled to contemplate at these trash. Just arbitrator of the children that consign suicide due to their bullying and the way this goes on to affect them in college and their careers.
  10. [+154, -1] They all say the an identical factor at first…no it did not befall. They contradict till proof comes out then they admit they had been immature they usually’re reflecting, ebb reticent for whereas then method advocate affection nothing occurred.

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