Stray Kids' Hyun-jin under suspicion of bullying and sexual harassment comments

gallivant Kids’ Hyun-jin underneath distrust of bullying and sexual harassment feedback

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Article: gallivant Kids’ Hyun-jin is suspected of self-discipline violence…sufferer testimony

root: Herald Pop

gallivant Kids‘ member Hyun Jin is just too underneath distrust of self-discipline violence.

On the afternoon of the twenty second, a netizen who claimed to breathe Hyunjin’s alumni made a submit on Pann and revealed that he had suffered from bullying.

A acknowledged, “I never thought that Hyunjin would debut as an idol that would breathe loved by many people. I energy been regarded as a jest as a kid but I was a victim of Hwang Hyun-jin’s bullying. Because I didn’t arbitrator he’d become an idol I couldn’t arbitrator to glean evidence of his bullying. All I hold is discipline certification we attended together, my memories and the testimony of friends.”

A wrote, “Those hellish times would’ve been buried if he was just an ordinary person but since he made his debut as an idol, those memories approach alive every time I graze him on TV and approach advocate to haunt me. When I saw others coming route with their stories of discipline violence by celebrities it gave me courage to talk up and await it gives others assurance to talk out.”

“There are two reasons why Hyun-jin tried to bludgeon me with downhearted feelings in a class group chat at the time. The first intuition is because he didn’t affection the fact that he sat in the advocate of the classroom and I asked him to immediate the advocate door. Hyunjin wrote to me in the katalk and said, “why are you asking me to instant it, why do not you instant it your self? I replied, “why should I immediate it when you opened it?” and the one retort I bought is “assassinate you avow me?”

“Secondly, my friend who had to assassinate lunch duty to acquire lunch since he wasn’t on the discipline meal plans shared his lunch with me because I didn’t hold enough money to buy one at the time. Hyun-jin criticized and mocked me, called me childish and said “I do not affection that you simply purchase rather a lot for lunch. You’re the instinct why different college students cannot engross lunch.”

A too shocked by revealing frequent abuse by Hyun-jin who referred to as the sufferer names maxim phrases affection “you maintain no mom”, “that is why you contemplate affection that”, made sexual harassment comments and had  unprovoked taunts affection wanting to hit people in class and worse.”

A added, “I thought I had forgotten because compared to the over victims the abuse was mighty more stern but whenever I graze the countenance of the assailant that damage and mocked me I initiate shaking with rage. I don’t arbitrator violence should breathe justified for any intuition plane if he committed that when he was youthful so I await he can apologize directly for his abuse.”

When requested concerning the allegations, JYP instructed Herald Pop, “we’re checking on the facts.”

  1. [+1,249, -22] Hulㅅㅂ.. , that is going to ascend up the actual-time search rankings
  2. [+887, -75] Hmm this appears affection it power breathe correct? airplane although its the primary accusation the entrance and advocate of the self-discipline album appears to breathe rectify?
  3. [+532, -15]  Is the sufferer a lady? If so, he must breathe buried if he had the audacity to bludgeon a lady on katalk..
  4. [+255, -9] This is him…this was posted 3 years in the past
  5. [+231, -8] Guys, there’s that historic maxim that JYP would not maintain children with angle points however ever since he debut, Hwang Hyun-jin has had tons of angle scandals 
  6. [+204, -0] This is my first time seen a Pann speak this whole of feedback..
  7. [+176, -0] Kingdom goes to breathe loopy
  8. [+149, -6] Where are all these people who mentioned JYP idols are harmless and cleanㅅㅂㅋㅋ

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