Stray Kids' Hyunjin embroiled in school bullying rumors

gallivant Kids’ Hyunjin embroiled in self-discipline bullying rumors

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Article: gallivant Kids’ Hyunjin responds to self-discipline bullying rumors

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1. [+364] Seems affection folks will endure something so long as you put up your commencement album..

2. [+192] I do not know in regards to the different companies however I do know that anybody out of JYP would by no means maintain bullied others. JYP makes optimistic to bridle pupil information all via elementary, center, and substantial self-discipline earlier than they enthralling you on. There’s simply no route.

3. [+116] First Youngjae and now Hyunjin… They have not given a press release on Hyunjin but so I’m not optimistic how this can toy out but when it finally ends up correct, then I await he genuinely apologizes…

4. [+100] I arbitrator JYP is dealing with this in the very best route. Instead of instantly shielding their artist, they’re first checking to amass the information straight

5. [+93] Honestly, although ㅋㅋㅋ do not gallivant Kids and Seventeen emerge actually antiseptic?? What assassinate these folks aircraft preserve out of spreading pretend rumors affection this? ㅋㅋ

6. [+32] All hero situations of self-discipline bullying ought to breathe investigated. It’s higher on the followers, too.. I simply do not know the way we received so far within the first place.

7. [+27] You can disclose simply from Yoon Seobin from ‘endure 101’ (sure, he was gash after his scandal got here to mild) that it is not sufficient to simply bridle pupil information in self-discipline earlier than signing idols on

8. [+8] I affection how JYP is dealing with this. They’re selecting to assassinate issues capable aircraft if it is their avow singer on the road. Our Han’s problematic lyrics from elementary self-discipline was instantly admitted by JYP with none shielding and he gave a copious apologetic. I religion that Hyunjin will breathe in a position to masterstroke this and obtain the punishment that’s arrogate (for the reason that standing is quiet ongoing, I’ll abstain from maxim extra). 

9. [+7] He’s had self-discipline bullying rumors for the reason that delivery of his debut.. and I bethink lots of people leaving the fandom over it too.. simply sayin

10. [+4] But… the query…

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