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magic – Benefits of Boomerang Enchantment on Items retort

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magic – Benefits of Boomerang Enchantment on Items

Okay, so this query is within the an identical vein as this and this query (each posted by me). So, with out additional ado, what is the Boomerang Enchantment?

Simply put, gadgets with the Boomerang Enchantment soar (precisely) in a loop when thrown, to the goal and advocate to the proprietor, akin to an precise boomerang (but not on the an identical time: boomerangs usually do not method advocate in the event that they hit one thing). If the element is dropped, left behind, or taken away, it is going to revert to the proprietor’s hand within the an identical time it’d maintain a boomerang to revert after being thrown the an identical distance.

(If you are confused, by “identical distance” I denote the gap between the proprietor and the element; the element ought to revert advocate to the proprietor’s hand (by teleporting, because the element, on this illustration, has not been thrown and can’t change its rife trajectory to revert to its proprietor’s hand) in thirty minutes max, however the time it takes for the proprietor to obtain the stated element is limpid by how brisk a thrown boomerang would revert to the thrower if it was thrown the an identical distance and that point can due to this fact breathe longer than thirty minutes).

EDIT: To outline, if an element with the Boomerang Enchantment is left behind or taken, it is going to teleport safely to the proprietor’s hand. If it has been thrown, nonetheless, the thrower higher breathe paying consideration, or stated element can and will harm them upon revert.

The solely gadgets that may maintain this enchantment are natural or metal gadgets (as a result of metal accommodates carbon, which is mostly natural in inception) they usually should breathe used to end a inescapable monster (Boomerang Bananas, very lethal, they fling themselves at and thru individuals) in bid to keep up this enchantment. With that stipulation, my query is How splendid Would breathe The Boomerang Enchantment On Items?

Criteria for Best retort:

  1. The finest retort will commence with a fundamental abstract of how helpful this Enchantment would breathe on gadgets in widespread, particularly gadgets that may breathe used to end a sentient, flying, magical, and razor-smart fruit. Since this gauge calls for an considered how Boomerang Bananas can breathe killed, let it breathe recognized that Boomerang Bananas can breathe: crushed, smothered, drowned, buried, sliced, incinerated, eaten (if peeled, which might require them to breathe held down), or damaged, say, by a steel-coated baseball bat.
  2. The finest retort will masks the place this enchantment would breathe most splendid; ie. which gadgets would breathe finest benefited by this enchantment. By gadgets I denote weapons, items of armor (you may end a bit of fruit by bashing it with a breastplate, sure?), maybe valuables affection material (you can smother a Banana with material, it is simply tough) or cash (kindly of adverse to graze the way you’d end a Boomerang Banana with cash with out vital lookout…)
  3. The finest retort will masks #1 and #2 completely.


  1. Items that had been dropped, taken, or left behind teleport advocate to the proprietor, safely; the time it takes them to revert will depend on how lengthy it’d maintain a boomerang to revert to the thrower after being thrown the an identical distance the element was dropped, taken to, or left behind at.

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