Montreal Restaurant’s Extremely Honest Menu Goes Viral on Twitter Recipes

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Some restaurateurs disburse years cultivating their industry’s popularity in hopes of sometime being dubbed “the best,” however there’s one, who runs a Chinese restaurant in Downtown Montreal, who’d simply somewhat not oversell it. The unvarnished commentary of dishes on restaurant Aunt Dai’s menu, written by the proprietor, who has requested to breathe referred to by his final designation, Fei, has develop into the matter of a viral tweet that as of this morning has garnered 65,500 likes.

The tweet, posted on Sunday night, exhibits screenshots of the proprietor’s try and mood diners’ expectations in descriptions of the restaurant’s orange beef (“Comparing to our General Tao Chicken, this one is not THAT good.”), cumin beef (“We used to have the beef pieces on small sticks but several customers cut their lips by it, thinking it was some hard ingredient”), and candy and spicy pork strips (“Since I have so high exceptions on this dish, I am not a huge fan for our version to be honest.”)

The on-line menu too cautions readers when a dish doesn’t conform to Fei’s benchmark of “real authentic Chinese food,” which is his choice, and when a portion is undersized — as within the illustration with the spicy runt or the salt and shower runt. “The cost of shrimp is expensive, and we always put 13 of them, so it’s a small quantity. With the price tag, we can’t give more. I just want to warn them,” Fei tells Eater.

Fei tells us he was greatly surprised when he heard concerning the outpouring of likes and feedback his menu was getting on-line. “I first heard about it when a journalist from a German newspaper reached out to me. They sent me an email with the link. I thought it was a joke at the beginning, or maybe some spam. But then I clicked it. At first, I thought it wasn’t a big deal, but then I checked again, and saw 58,000 likes. I’m not a Twitter guy, but that seems crazy to me.”

While Fei’s trustworthy, at instances acerbic tackle his avow restaurant’s dishes is drawing applause on Twitter, it isn’t fresh. He began writing the menu blurbs, of which there are 66, 4 or so years in the past, and accomplished the undertaking someday final yr. “At the beginning I just wanted to be honest and warn people about how spicy or greasy something might be. It can be tricky to order traditional Chinese dishes in restaurants, so I just didn’t want people ordering the wrong food and paying $12 or $15 dollars for it. If they don’t eat it, then it is a total waste. That’s the intent behind it.”

Before composing the blurbs, Fei had the thought of making a YouTube channel that might ameliorate potential diners make their election. It options classes on methods to write and pronounce the designation of a dish, and an explainer on methods to organize on the restaurant. The movies had been filmed on the restaurant’s Côte-des-Neiges location six years in the past, earlier than it was ravaged in flames and moved to its drift Saint-Mathieu Street location. “The quality of the videos is so bad, but the idea of giving people more information about the dishes was already there,” Fei says.

Fei says that Monday, the day after the Tweet was posted, was busier than regular. “Normally, Mondays are more quiet, and after the holiday season, usually business goes down a bit, but we saw a little uptick. If it keeps going like this, it would be really great for us,” he says.

At the birth of the pandemic, Fei suspected that his restaurant energy should immediate, however a even stream of takeout orders and supply by means of third-party providers has helped retain Aunt Dai afloat. “We are extremely lucky to have a lot of orders, but at the end of the day you don’t make that much. UberEats and DoorDash take so much in commission, so profits are really low. You might break even or make a little extra. Given the environment we’re all in right now, I guess that’s pretty good though,” Fei says.

While Fei is happy to behold the enhance in gross sales, he hopes the added publicity received’t translate to increased expectations amongst diners: “I don’t want people thinking, ‘Oh, a lot of people are talking about this restaurant, so it must be very good,’ and then they come here and think it’s just average. I just don’t want people to be disappointed, and I don’t want to oversell it.”

Aunt Dai is launch every day for takeout or supply at 1448 St Mathieu Street.

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