More victim accounts reveal Kim Dong Hee bullied a disabled classmate

More sufferer accounts show Kim Dong Hee bullied a disabled classmate

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Article: More victims accuse Kim Dong Hee of self-discipline violence “He choked me and threatened me in discipline… called to apologize”

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1. [+3,841, -5] He kicked a disabled classmate whereas he was peeing after which laughed about it… if that is correct, he is so repulsive, he is a straight up satan.

2. [+873, -6] This is simply abominable character. I want to by no means graze him once more.

3. [+830, -4] If it is correct that he kicked a disabled classmate in fifth grade after which laughed about it, he is a monstrous particular person. What a satan. How are you able to breathe human?

4. [+346, -6] self-discipline bullying is against the law. The trauma lives on without end within the sufferer.

5. [+281, -5] How are you able to assassinate one thing affection this to a disabled classmate?? The satan is nearer to us than you arbitrator.

6. [+237, -1] Agencies necessity to get up. They necessity to stop with the lawsuit threats simply to guard their hero’s picture. abide to pull out the lawsuit card till after there’s substantial proof that the rumors are actually unbecoming. These situations might not emerge affection a immense ration to those celebrities as a result of they don’t seem to be the victims however these are traumatic recollections for the victims.

7. [+128, -1] I’m so mad on the thought that this vitality breathe correct. I maintain a flabby in my leg myself and would breathe thought-about disabled by others… I used to be bullied loads as a pupil due to it. It’s a horrifying remembrance for me and studying counsel about this now’s making all these recollections floor with tears and enrage…

8. [+103, -0] Well it is over for him. This nation takes bullying the disabled good-looking significantly. Feels affection yesterday that I fell for his harmless picture after ‘Sky Castle’… let’s all maintain this event to antiseptic out the hero and sports activities industries.

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