Mother Christmas – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent

Mother Christmas – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent

Astronomy is among the oldest sciences which are involved with celestial phenomena, their evolution, and their somatic and chemical traits. We await to capitalize from Mother Christmas – Big Sky Astrology with April Kent and seek the adjustments that happen to your badge, and too the solar in astronomy is the primary think about figuring out the character of the person and his route of life because it determines the obstacles that Will breathe uncovered.


rowing up, I loved Christmas as mighty as the subsequent child. I grew to become ambivalent towards the vacations a while in my mid-20s, but it surely wasn’t till I received married that my indifference towards Christmas flared into ample disapprove. I create the unbridled materialism unpalatable (now that I used to be at an age when it not benefited me personally), the music irritating, and the moralistic undertones cloying. Craving an observance extra still, that felt extra significant, I renounced the Christmas of my youth.

The first Christmas after I made my abide, my mom had a difficult time believing I used to be sober. As moms do, she wheedled, cajoled, and curved my arm to combine within the habitual household reindeer video games. I demurred, and she or he insisted, till lastly at some point, determined to breathe understood and irritated past touchstone I lastly snapped, “I don’t like the way you celebrate Christmas!” And watched, mortified, as her eyes full of tears.

Now, my mom liked Christmas. She liked the tree, the music, the dopey Christmas specials on TV, the cookies, the wrapping, the craziness. She was a rare gift-giver, paying immediate consideration to the random feedback of these she liked all year long and taking point to of what they needed and wanted, and she or he gave exactly the issues that will delectation us most and swimsuit us greatest. So once I made my nasty, detestable observation, I couldn’t have wounded my mom extra had I slapped her throughout the countenance.

“Spirit!”‘ said Scrooge, “show me no more! Conduct me home. Why do you delight to torture me?’


bungled it so badly, my want to command independence; and though my mom quickly forgave me, I quiet haven’t fairly forgiven myself. Yet I used to be motivated by unaffected impulses: I wanted to commemorate the seasons in my avow route, to carve out my avow traditions. And because the youngest of 4 youngsters I desperately needed to breathe taken severely as an grownup.

Family Christmases attend to breathe troublesome exactly as a result of they amplify the unaffected stress between desirous to belong and to breathe taken concern of (Cancer) and the covet to breathe taken severely because the captain of your avow transmit (Capricorn). It’s tempting, whenever you’re first coming of age, to really feel it is a zero sum sport and that you may’t breathe your avow individual so long as you’re too somebody’s youngster. And so that you make silly, hurtful errors, as I did, emotion the one different is a inescapable dying of the self.

Ultimately I made my peace with mother, and she or he gracefully yielded to my covet to commemorate the vacations in quiet isolation with my husband and our cats. Left to my avow units, I didn’t cast away the entire Christmas traditions of childhood: we dispatch Christmas playing cards, bake for neighbors and pals. Then on Christmas Day we calm down, consume Chinese meals, and survey a marathon of one thing irrational on TV.

There comes a significance throughout every vacation season once I speculate on the strident, colourful, entertaining Christmases of my youth, of piles of presents underneath a giant tree and throngs of earsplitting, fortunate members of the family … and I marvel whether or not my modest model of Christmas doesn’t token me a Scrooge. But in my coronary heart, I do know that every one I really need of the Christmases I bethink is to breathe a baby once more. I would like my mom, who handed away so a few years in the past. I need to conceal in a quiet elbowroom, safe within the information that I can rejoin the noisy crush within the alive elbowroom anytime I really feel love it. I need to belong to a giant, noisy dwell – however I don’t, not any extra. And the veracity is, plane once I was sever of that festive clan, I at all times felt a miniature bit aside, as if I had one foot out the entrance door, able to make my avoid.

Mostly, I’ve accepted my extra solitary nature. This Christmas, although—let’s convene it transiting Saturn opposing my natal Moon—I’ve felt the darkness of the season keenly. Scrooge’s ghosts have haunted me, and I’ve create myself questioning whether or not I’ve indulged myself too totally in my independence. Who, I questioned, would concern for my husband and me as we age? And if I had been gone, would anybody miss me the route I miss my mom? Am I a joyless Scrooge, on a lonely path towards a pitiless aim?

“Before I draw nearer to that stone to which you point,” mentioned Scrooge, “answer me one question. Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of things that May be, only?”


n the aim, I received my want – I’m a grownup now, and generally it’s a lonely, troublesome path. But on this dim, Sun in Capricorn season, the Moon is a kindly ghost who rises up within the artic winter sky to display my mom’s countenance to me—the Full Moon countenance of Cancer’s caring and safety, its proffer of nurturing and belonging. By all rights, that countenance’s grin ought to breathe artic. “Look at you,” my mom within the Moon energy pretty say, “You didn’t like the way I kept Christmas, but your way seems pretty bleak. Happy now?”

But of passage, as in life, her countenance within the Moon is kindly and sage and at all times fortunate to behold me. And it shines down on my miniature home and household and the irrepressible vestiges of her ancient Christmas traditions—the lights on the porch, the playing cards hanging love tinsel, the plates of cookies. And my mom within the Moon reassures me in regards to the life I’ve chosen, and laughs on the thought that any daughter of hers may breathe as heartless as Scrooge. “Oh, it’s so beautiful here, honey,” she tells me, observing the glowing zeal, the peacefully snoozing cats, the husband in stocking ft. “It’s quiet and peaceful, and it’s absolutely perfect for you.”

As habitual, she’s privilege. And I notice that what I used to be on the lookout for all alongside in carving out my avow model of Christmas was not simply Capricorn respect, however a Cancerian appreciation for the wants of my avow coronary heart. And that every one my mom needed was to provide me what suited me greatest – I simply wanted to be taught what that was, so I may question for it.

Scrooge’s avow coronary heart laughed: and that was fairly sufficient for him.

At this vacation season, might you could have all of this and extra, and every part your coronary heart needs.

Excerpts from “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Full textual content out there on-line at

© 2007-2021 April Elliott Kent

Writing and collages © 2020 April Elliott Kent

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