Netizen reveals testimony that Hyuna abused and

Netizen reveals testimony that Hyuna abused and

our neighborhood welcomes you, we would like you capitalize from Netizen reveals testimony that Hyuna abused and and are lucky to ebb to you website online, In this part Ok-pop Korean followers we proffer you at all times yabuki nako and chungha pliable surgical procedure, jang wonyoung and roy kim seungri.

Article: [Official] Hyuna too accused of self-discipline violence

root: Hankyung

Hyuna is underneath controversy for alleged bullying and abuse.

On the twenty third, a netizen A shared on a web based neighborhood board that she was abused by Hyuna. The writer wrote, “Hyuna-ya, I thought you would achieve out to me first. Is it really because you don’t bethink or are you just pretending not to know? assassinate you plane arbitrator about it?”

“Maybe its because you became an idol at such a youthful age but all the evidence that points to you is one. These days its cyword, Instagram and katalk but you made your debut so youthful and I bethink you went into Wondergirls at the identical time your photos on Cyword and Buddy Buddy disappeared. I quiet bethink that day in 5th grade in elementary when  you and your friends called me to the advocate of the discipline telling me if I didn’t approach you’d ebb to my house. When I came, the three of you took turns slapping me on my cheeks and you took my glasses off and threw them to the ground.”

“The intuition why I couldn’t say this before is because I didn’t hold any evidence and I worried no one would endure me otherwise. All I hold is the graduation album from our elementary discipline so I’m wondering if anyone will endure me. I acquire so frustrated seeing you approach out on TV affection you did nothing incorrect. assassinate you plane sorrow what you did?”

Along with the publish, A shared Hyuna’s commencement photographs and in a single photograph Hyuna’s countenance was ripped out. A defined, “I didn’t rip out your countenance on the photo. Other students from my junior tall that went to discipline with you ripped it out because they didn’t hold excellent relationship with you.”

UPDATE: 2.23.2021 12:24 PM KST

Hyuna has since refuted the allegations by means of her Instagram stating “she has never slapped anyone’s gall or hit anyone.”

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