Netizens react to the dating news of G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie – Knetizen

Netizens react to the relationship counsel of G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie – Knetizen

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“My idol, my muse”… GD ♥ Jennie, stealthy relationship

expedition reported BLACKPINK’s Jennie and immense Bang’s G-Dragon are relationship.

On February twenty fourth, media outlet expedition reported Jennie (24) and G-Dragon (32) maintain been in a relationship for a 12 months. G-Dragon’s extravagance residence in Hannam was a consummate relationship spot for the pair.

G-Dragon’s penthouse is very secured with a 2-step verification course of for entry and has a a number of entrance, which was consummate for the tall-silhouette pair. Jennie registered her automotive on the safety system so she didn’t maintain to confirm each time she visited. Then, she used a a number of elevator that goes straight to the penthouse.

Jennie had a way date, visiting G-Dragon capable after BLACKPINK’s schedule. Their relationship was public, a minimum of inside YG Entertainment. Jennie’s supervisor dropped Jennie off at G-Dragon’s home and picked her up after the date. Sometimes G-Dragon’s supervisor gave her a journey as an alternative. G-Dragon was too noticed at a music video filming clique for BLACKPINK’s first full album, rooting for Jennie on the clique.

On January thirty first, Jennie was noticed leaving G-Dragon’s home heading to the live performance venue. G-Dragon’s automotive was too noticed at Kintex. A rapid acquaintance of the 2 confided to expedition, “A lot of people in YG noticed their relationship. Jennie’s mother is too cognizant of their relationship. She is thankful to him for his considerate concern.” cr

unique submit: theqoo

1. What??

2. Oh, Jennie, why?…..ㅠ

3. No proof.. I speculate that is to masks up one thing

4. But am I the one one not stunned??

5. What a loopy combinationㅋㅋㅋ

6. It’s a mix that alien followers will loveㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. What?? This is a mix you can’t think about

8. I believed Jennie was relationship somebody, however when did she burst up?

9. Jennie, what are you considering? You are youthful and prosperous, however why are you relationship him?

10. Well, what’s occurring nowadays?

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