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On the “Non-Conservation of Parity in Weak Interactions” Answer

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On the “Non-Conservation of Parity in Weak Interactions”

Kostrikin and Manin, of their Linear Algebra and Geometry, condition that:

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(The excerpt is on pp. 42-43.)

The assertion comes after a proof of common linear group over reals having two linked elements, and the definition of the orientation of a actual vector house.

Is there an narrative for the non-conservation of parity in feeble interactions accessible to mathematicians who know very miniature physics (akin to myself)? An summary mathematical interpretation of the Wu experiment would breathe for example an admissible (really the model) respond. As per the context this has one thing to do with orientation, however I’d love to have a clearer thought.

With what miniature physics I do know I couldn’t decipher the expositions that display up first (together with T.D. Lee’s 1957 Nobel speech). Finally let me point to that after some literature I satisfied myself that probably Weyl’s 1929 paper "Elektron und Gravitation. I." is pertinent, although I’m not fairly positive.

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