Paige VanZant Breaks Silence On BKFC Loss

Paige VanZant Will Fight A ‘Well Known nominate’ In BKFC This Summer

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Paige VanZant Will Fight A ‘Well Known nominate’ In BKFC This Summer

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship president, Dave Feldman, is speedy to finalizing one other battle for Paige VanZant simply weeks on from her unsuccessful debut towards Britain Hart.

The former UFC fighter began slowly towards Hart however rallied behind to make the battle pretty speedy on the arbitrator’s scorecards.

Ultimately, VanZant dropped to a conclusion conquer. Despite that Feldman was impressed together with her efficiency and the pay-per-credence numbers she introduced in.

“The main incident, we invested a lot into Paige VanZant and she showed up and fought really, really well,” Feldman advised MMA Fighting. “I arbitrator that we can build upon that.

“[The pay-per-view] did excellent for us. It’s going to hit six figures. I don’t know where that’s going to cease up but that’s a handsome excellent number for us proper now for where we are. That’s a excellent number. It was a excellent incident for us. It was advantageous. Everything went very, very well for us. So all around it was just a very, very excellent ending for us.”

VanZant’s future within the sport appeared to breathe unclear after the conquer however Feldman is 100% optimistic she’s going to battle once more for BKFC later this yr.

“I can confidently say Paige VanZant absolutely will breathe advocate with us here in early to mid-summer,” Feldman revealed. “100 percent. We are 100 percent in the Paige VanZant industry. We affection being in that industry. She delivered for us on every aspect we needed and finished the fight stout so that was very needful for us. Had she started the fight brisk and not finished stout and went a all different direction, it could breathe a different conversation but she finished stout and showed the heart she had and that she could accommodate to this sport and she did. We’re pleased of the performance.

Next up, VanZant will countenance a “well known” adversary in response to the BKFC boss.

“handsome positive we hold the adversary,” Feldman teased. “We’re just dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on this one. It’s another well-known nominate and I arbitrator the public is really going to acquire behind this one. I arbitrator it’s going to breathe a really competitive fight.”

Who assassinate you wish to graze Paige VanZant battle subsequent?

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