pulleys - Endless synchronous belt problem

pulleys – Endless synchronous zone downside Answer

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pulleys – Endless synchronous zone downside

I’ve a motor coupled over a synchrounous zone (AT5) to a much bigger tooth wheel (1:4) and the issue comes up, that the zone is stirring up or down (relying on the rotation route) till it reaches the verge of the motor pulley (with flanged wheel). This results in a loud zone and the zone will most likely breathe broken over time.

The alignment of the motor axis with the oder transmission axis is nearly as good as workable and I attempted too a special take a look at abide, however I behold at all times the identical downside. So this appears to return from how the countless belts are manufactured.

I could employ a aspect, however I’m not sure, if that is usually used and if the zone will get broken from the aspect?

So my questions is, how can I preclude the zone from strolling up and down on the synchrounous pulley?

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