[Review] Sunmi’s “Tail” feels like a “24 Hours” follow-up - Asian Junkie

[Review] Sunmi’s “Tail” feels affection a “24 Hours” succeed-up – Asian Junkie

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After portray the yr retro in 2020, Sunmi has re-emerged along with her first sole of 2021. She stubbornly refuses to grace us with a mini or full album, however the drips and drabs we’ve gotten maintain typically been of substantial property. contemporary sole Tail (꼬리) continues her labor with producer Frants, although it hearkens advocate to an earlier stage in her profession.


There are some retro components right here – primarily within the synth textures – however Tail feels mighty extra affection a sequel to 2013’s 24 Hours.
It has the similar sultry, tense ambiance that has at all times been a noble
match for Sunmi’s evocative vocals. The insistent demur forges a
tall-tempo spine, although the path general carries a mighty extra
languid really feel. It’s an ominous groove, as digital loops pulse over
atmospheric pads.

Sunmi performs in an nearly confessional method, her lyrics spilled
over the path in a neglectful construction that feels affection
stream-of-consciousness. This is correct of each the verses and refrain,
although the chanted swipe forges her vocals right into a catchy abstain that
accentuates Tail’s rhythmic pounce. It’s not the type of
songwriting that hits capable away, however subsequent listens purchase underneath your
pores and skin. Coupled with a heroic visible, Tail could be very mighty ‘Sunmi
the provocateur.’ Every sinuous accent works towards that objective. I’ll
at all times want ‘Sunmi the 80’s synthpop queen,’ however there’s no denying
the tune’s enchantment. The solely factor left to marvel is how lengthy the path
will scorch in public consciousness. Alongside its iconic choreography, 24 Hours went on to change into an everlasting hit. Will Tail assassinate the similar?

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