system agnostic – What does it denote for a phrase or phrase to breathe a “game term”? Answer

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system agnostic – What does it denote for a phrase or phrase to breathe a “game term”?

A “game term” in refers to a time period used within the rules-engine sever of the sport, and takes on particular acceptation as sever of the decision of guidelines. This versus the “regular English” acceptation of the phrase, which is simply what you get in a dictionary and is used within the fiction sever of the sport.

Sometimes the 2 denote fully various things. This often does not reason any points, however for instance ‘Move’ means very various things in monotonous English (the place it refers to somebody altering their location) and a Powered by the Apocalypse sport (the place it defines an in-fiction set off and the results that befall when triggered).

In the above illustration, “Move” as a sport time period may be very totally different from “Move” as an English time period, and asking about Apocalypse World “Which move lets me escape a fight?” can not breathe answered simply by trying in a dictionary.

However typically the “game term” and “dictionary term” are so much nearer and it could get complicated. For instance, Dungeons and Dragons 5e has a sport time period known as ‘Proficiency’, which has a acceptation handsome immediate to the regular English phrase (being good at one thing)

This can generally create complicated conditions. Imagine a D&D personality who has very tall Strength, however no formal coaching with swords. The participant energy narrate the personality as “proficient with a blade” just because they get a comparable bombard bounty to a skilled soldier, and that would not breathe grievance based mostly on the english acceptation of the phrase. But if the DM then asks “But are you actually Proficient with that weapon?” the respond switches from regular English (“I’m proficient with this weapon; I can hit as easily as a soldier can”) to a sport time period respond (“No, I’m not actually Proficient with my sword.”)

Whenever somebody explicitly refers to “what does this mean as a game term” it means the query might be about this dissimilarity. Due to the complexity of roleplaying video games and the covet to retain books cheap, generally rulebooks will blend up sport phrases and regular language.

This energy result in query love “what’s the difference between what this word normally means, and what it means in this game context?”

An instance energy breathe parsing a line love:

“Requires: Strength 16+, Proficiency with a Longsword, being a Knight”

The first one is sort of definitely a sport time period, the second most likely is (and clearly will breathe learn as such in any sport that has beforehand defined that Proficiency is a gist rule to the system) however the third one energy addle individuals.

Is Knight some kindly of sophistication you’ll be able to take ranges in? Does it denote you necessity to breathe an official member of an organize? Are there guidelines for that? Or is it only a fictional requirement and does your personality necessity to deem themselves a Knight? As quickly as two gamers disagree, you are prone to aim up with a query love “Is Knight a game term?”, as a result of individuals need to know if “Being a Knight” is outlined as a sport rule someplace, or whether or not it is only a fictional requirement.

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