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“The discipline violence controversy is quiet exploding proper now, does Albamon not concern about it?ㅋㅋ The industry intellect is incredible” 

“Must you release a video at this time? Is staff getting paid?”

“delectation stare at the reality a bit you slow Albamon” 

“Byunggyu-yah you’re too handsome TT TT I missed you TT TT Albamon I affection you”

“Our Jo princess, we missed you TT TT seriously I affection you Albamon” 

They launched the behinds video

1. They maintain now deleted the videoㅋㅋㅋ

2. They f*cking suck at doing their job 

3. They’re calling them self-discipline Violence-mon ㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. delectation rescue Mijoo from this ㅠㅠ

5. Albamon is dilatory, Albamon farewell

6. Looks affection they privated the video now tsk tsk 

7. Can they not learn the elbowroom? The firm has no advocate bone. Just go away Minjoo out of this 

8. Mijoo simply introduced that she received an adverts ration and was so happy about it on radio, what is that this


10. Are they doing this for the views? 


“I graduated from the identical elementary + middle discipline as Jo Byung Gyu”

I do not arbitrator that points eddy celebrities self-discipline violence is one thing that solely occurred yesterday and right now. Personally I do not maintain curiosity in blab counsel both. 

But it was troublesome for me to not click on on the articles that JBG appeared on. He was standard in principal self-discipline and center self-discipline, so it was spectacular for me to graze him within the counsel affection that. I assumed “so celebrities assassinate antiseptic their past antiseptic…” I clicked the article and skim it. 

Whether he dedicated self-discipline violence or not, I’m right here to speak in regards to the kindly of individual JBG was. He should’ve gained quite a lot of followers since he appeared in quite a lot of standard dramas, so I apologize in close by for ruining the spoil. To the individuals pondering “No route JBG?” I’m right here to possibly corroborate your hunches. 

When I used to be youthful, I lived abroad and within the later years of my elementary self-discipline, I received to switch to Bucheon, Sang-dong’s Sang-in Elementary self-discipline. And I too graduated from Seokcheon center self-discipline within the an identical neighborhood. I used to be a 12 months under JBG, however no matter your 12 months, all people knew him for being an iljin. 

In the elementary self-discipline I attended, he was affection the character of wretchedness child. At that point, there would breathe somatic punishment, college students would ebb to the trainer’s elbowroom and purchase punished whereas mendacity countenance down. Whenever this occurred, the academics would say “assassinate you guys want to become the 2nd JBG?”

In center self-discipline… There was the Daewoo Purgio appartment capable subsequent of Seokcheon center self-discipline, and in entrance of it was a diminutive vacant area known as the Daewoo park. JBG would engross his lunch there with the opposite iljins on a regular basis. They would breathe round 10 individuals gathered there smoking, and using their motorbike for enjoyable. They would scare and mock the children passing by… When I say “iljin” you guys in all probability maintain a harsh picture in mind, however he was undoubtedly one.

I do not know the way he grew to become now, however at the moment, he was quick, and diminutive. So at any time when he tormented others, he would particularly prefe the women who had been weaker than him. My associates too received affected by 3-4 individuals from their gang of 10 individuals. They would reveal different college students that the Daewoo park was a ‘no trespassing zone’ They would palpitate up individuals or maintain cash from others, I did not obtain this therapy first hand nevertheless it occurred so usually that I misplaced weight of it. 

I noticed the counsel and the way he is being uncovered on communities. I really feel affection individuals are going to query me for proofs and whether or not I maintain anecdotes of him being in recent Zealand, however one of the best path to know that is to ebb query his academics straight. The academics from SangIn elementary and Seokcheon center self-discipline suffered so much. 

1. F*cking the worst

2. Wow calling another person the ‘2nd XXX’ is one thing you possibly can say when the opposite child was actually a problematic one. Seriously he wasn’t simply the problematic child of that grade however the egregious self-discipline…

3. All the victims that got here route maintain concrete proofs… 

4. Goosebumps, simply what was he pondering all this time?? Picking people who find themselves weaker than you to torture them is the worst

5. self-discipline violence princess Jo Byung Gyu, apologize and retire

6. I contemn people who find themselves tremendous and picks on the weaker ones probably the most 

7. The extra you peel the more severe it will get… At this charge, he won’t ever outline this 

8. An onion 

9. He should breathe a psychopath if he solely picked on the weaker ones

10. It’s affection I’m seeing recent accusations each time I breath 


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