[theqoo] CHUU’S self-discipline VIOLENCE EXPOSER’S HAND WRITTEN apologetic

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I’m the OP who wrote the first exposing post. 

I’ve seen someone in the comments divulge me to release the apologetic through a written epistle so I’m going to assassinate this now. 

The post that I posted received route more attention than I hold anticipated. 

I started emotion scared when I saw the countless comments coming in. 

That was when I realized the amplitude of my actions. 

I could’ve said within the hour of posting it that everything in the post was a equivocate

but it’s my defect for not being able to breathe limpid/truthful. 

Releasing a post hiding behind my anonymity was already scary enough, so I can’t imagine how [Chuu] felt. This too made me realize the amplitude of my crime. 

I can’t assassinate anything else beside apologizing. 

Because of my inadvertent actions and words, so many people received damage and got damage, and I apologize for this. 

I can’t expunge everything that happened because of what I did, but I await that this post can aid the people who received the damage unravel the misunderstanding. 

I apologize one again. 

original post: here

1. Life is actual you trash 

2. Why would you fake things affection that? I await you acquire sued

3. Chuu succeed plane more

4. Why would you animate that route.. 

5. So was her proofs too faked? 

6. ㅋㅋㅋ Sighㅋㅋㅋ What’s their drawback? Just purchase suedㅋㅋㅋ Seriously she’s making all of the victims of self-discipline violence rotate into assailants unfairly. From the followers to the acquaintances, simply think about how many individuals she burdened.. 

7. Sigh her submit was eerie to commence with, individuals who swore at her with out digging the info, I await you resound

8. Yeah you are going to jail~

9. Because of that one particular person, so many articles had been launched… delectation do not pretend issues affection this.. 

10. She has to breathe loopy

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