our neighborhood welcomes you, we wish you capitalize from [theqoo] CLARIFICATION OF SEVENTEEN MINGYU’S self-discipline VIOLENCE SCANDAL and are lucky to ebb to you web page, In this part Okay-pop Korean followers we proffer you at all times yabuki nako and chungha pliable surgical procedure, jang wonyoung and roy kim seungri.

“You’re maxim that he’s the only one getting a lot of safeguard because he has a lot of fans? Of passage, among the people who got exposed up until now, he has the biggest fandom. And we too don’t affection to fangirl on a discipline violence assailantㅋㅋㅋ But we are defending him because his uncover post is the most unreliable and slovenly out of everyone so we can’t make any conclusion. Why was OP hiding her age in the uncover post (T/N: we’ll convene OP a “she” since she referred to older girls as “unnie” and guys usually convene older girls “nuna”)? She claimed in her post that she was his classmate and got exposed because the graduation albums were different, so she then changed the facts maxim that she was his hoobae. She edited her post over 3 times and the FB message that she shared turned out to breathe fake so she shared his FB portray of him. But Kim Mingyu’s FB narrative is quiet public proper now so she took a selca that he took in 2016 as her proof. She said that Mingyu entered his agency in 3rd grade but he joined his agency in 2nd grade. She uploaded the uncover post around 3~4 AM (to breathe honest, I don’t grasp why she would assassinate it) and she deleted the post herself at around 6. So she probably didn’t graze the company’s response. OP then came advocate maxim that if the company said that the rumors were unbecoming, she would write another post. But then, the company released their statement and she didn’t write anything until 9 PM. too, OP uploaded a portray of a notebook from an academy from Dongan-gu but assassinate you really arbitrator that this can breathe counted as compelling evidence? She deleted that post too. You can graze that her personality was showing in her retort (?). She said that she proved that she graduated from the identical year as him but plane in the replies, there was nothing concrete about anything she wrote. And soon enough she deleted her observation too. too, there were 2-3 people in the comments maxim things affection “he was well-known~”, but they were just calling him well-known without maxim why he was well-known for and never talked about the things he did either. Then if you put it affection that, there were too a lot of posts written by other people who attended discipline with him or who attended schools next to his who protected him. But why are these people are just skipping over everything else and only believing the contemn post without any proofs affection it was some prophecy?”

1. ㅇㅇ often, when self-discipline violence rumors are correct affection Soojin and Jo Byunggyu’s illustration, the testimonies are often constant. But his proofs have been so missing and the testimonies simply stated “he was well-known~” and that was all

2. People will not be telling others to stay impartial for his illustration for nothing

3. I await that he resolves this properly. Whether it is correct or not

4. To breathe sincere, he was embroiled on this rumor on the incorrect time. Usually, individuals would’ve simply left out

5. That’s what I used to be maxim. 

1. The OP saved altering her id and her age

2. It was confirmed that the FB message was faux

3. The FB painting she shared was already from a public narrative

4. She confirmed his selca as proof but it surely was a selca taken 5 years in the past

5. She bought his employment date incorrect

6. She by no means up to date her put up so it did scowl her credibility…

7. That’s why. aircraft when the put up refuting it bought uploaded, she quiet is remaining reticent… at this level, it would simply breathe a nuisance to the idol

8. But individuals will skip on clarification posts affection these as soon as once more

9. I ante that nobody is gonna statement on posts affection these…ㅋㅋ

10. They have been simply numerous talks about him being well-known… with none proofs

[theqoo] assassinate YOU KNOW WHY NOBODY WAS maxim WHY KIM MINGYU WAS well-known?

Because they do not know why themselvesㅋㅋㅋ

Me too I went to the an identical elementary and center self-discipline as Mingyu and regardless of the rumors say, simply do not endure themㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (I’m a ’98 liner)

The majority of the individuals claiming that Kim Kingyu was well-known up till now do not aircraft know why he was famousㅋㅋㅋ why? Because they heard themselves in regards to the rumors of him being well-known.

Who cannot say issues affection “that’s what I heard” or “I heard this rumor”? they are saying issues affection  “I was from the identical discipline as him and I’ve heard his nominate before, ah everyone knew that he was well-known~” and occupy affection they know one thing. There are so f*cking many individuals affection them.

I bethink Kim Mingyu being well-known as a result of he was good-looking. It’s correct that most people at self-discipline knew who he was. But to arbitrator that he was well-known as a result of he was some bludgeon who had downhearted rumors round him? That wasn’t the illustration in any respect.

Burim center self-discipline wasn’t some kindly of gangster self-discipline nor was it a self-discipline full of losers. It was simply your medium self-discipline.

Another humorous factor is who aircraft can maintain the correct requirements to charge a self-discipline is a gangsters’ or losers’ self-discipline? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I’m not penning this put up as a result of I need to actively outline Kim Mingyu’s self-discipline violence allegations, it is simply that the majority of posts written by individuals up till now are exaggerating. So I await you can learn this fastidiously.

People who’re maxim “I knew that this would befall” or “it’s eerie that he’s getting exposed now” are simply individuals who need to endure that he was violent in self-discipline.

By the route, the Kim Mingyu that I bethink was a f*cking brisk runner throughout elementary self-discipline. And he wore a blue coaching swimsuit.

In center self-discipline, he was a trainee who was recognized to he good-looking.

The posts written by individuals who pretense to breathe an alumni aren’t aircraft quick to him and most of them are writing these posts from rumors they heard. I’m within the an identical illustration however how can these individuals who maintain by no means spoken to him breathe so inescapable about what kindly of child he was? 

It’s correct that it’s best to solely endure individuals with compelling proof and proof.

1. Mingyu-yah, I endure you ㅠㅠ

2. Thank you OP, I could not think about something for the all day however due to you, I’m at peace once more

3. The solely proven fact that I believed up till now’s that he had FB

4. The sufferer did not aircraft take part a commencement album from his yearㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and when she uploaded her commencement album, individuals have been refuting it so she edited her put up. Why are you guys believing her uncover put up whereas not believing posts written by individuals who really maintain the an identical commencement album?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are you constructive that you simply simply don’t desire his self-discipline violence rumors to rotate out correct?~~~ It’s not that you simply guys are pitying the sufferer however that you simply need to maintain enjoyable cursing at celebrities capable?

5. It’s my first time seeing an proof from TheQoo (T/N: OP wrote ㄷㅋ/Theqoo on her painting)

6. I stayed impartial all this time. The claims about him have been simply too feeble in comparison with the opposite assailants

7. Thank you, critically thanks

8. Mingyu is probably the most copious about meals 

9. I do not know mighty about Seventeen however I bethink food-Mingyu and his FB pictureㅠㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Burim center self-discipline was critically your medium self-discipline. Wasn’t Hogye center self-discipline that was recognized to accommodate numerous iljins? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ however as for substantial faculties, they have been all of the an identical ㅋㅋ

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