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Soojin wrote in her assertion on the twenty first:

“Hello, this is Soojin.

I am writing this post after reflecting a lot about it.

I was a kid who stood out during my school days so it’s true that a lot of bad talks followed me around. I wore clothes that wasn’t in line (with the student attire) and I’ve smoked a few times.

When I was young, I wandered around but I’ve never smoked since then. Even though I corrected  myself and bettered myself, I think that the result that came out today were the result of my clearly shameful and regretful actions.

But there was something truly unfair. There were always bad rumors (about me) so I was going to let it slide but seeing how a lot of fans were having it hard, I want to lay down everything and talk about this once and for all.

I don’t know if you will believe me but I will talk about this the way I remembered it.

I really think that the person who wrote the post today was my friend. I remember eating at that friend’s house and watching movies with that friend and her unnie. I remember the unnie who wrote the post as someone I’m thankful to, since I was having a hard time because of the threatening messages I was receiving from a sunbae and she reported it to the police. I’m always thankful towards unnie.

I found out why that friend wanted to stay away from me through the post. I remember that the reason for our fight was that this friend broke our promise. It wasn’t just once or twice, and I remember being angry about it. I didn’t know you were trying to stay away from me. I’m very ashamed to say this but I remember cursing at that friend. Also, at that time, I received a call from the unnie and she scolded me. Also, I apologized to that unnie and hung up.

After that, I and that friend totally stayed away from each other. I think that we had bad feelings about one another. 

Even so, I want to talk clearly about the post that was posted.

First of all, I’ve never acted violently towards that friend.

Second, I’ve never rode on a motorcycle

Third, I’ve never sent a group chat inciting/leading the bullying.

Fourth, I’ve never stolen an uniform and have never thrown objects around.

Fifth, I’ve never talked to Seo Shin Ae-nim during my school years. I feel like this might have inconvenienced her as well so I’m sorry.

I seriously don’t remember anything about the juice (?) incident.  Sorry, but I believe that I haven’t done these things myself. 

I’m sorry for causing trouble with my personal life. I’m sorry for everyone who got hurt from my shameful actions.

1. Shameless

2. Lies

3. (((Seo Shin Ae)))

4. Smoking…? A kid who stood out was smoking……? 

5. Looks like there are people who are “judgement” her side even with this kind of clarificationㅋ No matter what kind of assailant people are sure tolerant. Fighting ^^

6. Goosebumps

7. So even if you spend your school life like this, you can be an idolㅋㅋ

8. But she’s making this scandal even bigger with her own actions ㅎ (T/N: using the same sentence where she says that she didn’t do these things by herself)

9. You can’t turn back anymore

10. I see… so you want to continue being a singer no matter if you’re hurting others or not…

11. Looks like this scandal is just getting bigger

12. It’s my first time seeing the person involved saying “our youngsters shouldn’t be this kindly of child!!!!!!” about herself ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. She should’ve just apologized cleanly… the victims will be even more mad at her seeing this… wow

14. “Sorry, however I consider that I have never finished this stuff myself” this sever is severely not it. There is a sufferer so what’s there to consider about an assailant maxim that she did not do something herself? If that is her official assertion, it could’ve been higher if she did not write something

15. Hul… studying her assertion turns me off plane extra

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