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This is the assertion from the administration for (G)-indolent’s CD gallery concerning Seo Soojin’s self-discipline violence controversy. 

(t/n: we’ll paraphrase the acknowledge): 

– We are cognizant that Cube’s stance is that not one of the claims from the informant had been precise

– The informant has revealed extra details about the self-discipline violence since then, which led Soojin to show her stance on UCUBE on the twenty second at 7AM

– The informant then revealed one other rebuttal submit on the twenty second at 11PM, to which Cube has not responded since

– There is not any route we will warrant self-discipline violence by any instinct

– If somebody needs to turn out to be an idol, they necessity to difficult their controversies clearly and maintain possession of what occurred

– The followers can not uphold a singer who is not in a position to acknowledge the claims or who is not in a position to shield themselves appropriately 

– Therefore, we can not uphold Soojin who was not in a position to difficult her facet of the story on this controversy clearly

– The leisure of the members aren’t energetic events on this controversy, so we uphold their promotion

– We don’t desire G-indolent’s nominate to breathe tarnished

– We are requesting Cube to guard the opposite members and to current the truth and their place ASAP

– We query for all followers who bombard the informant to stop their actions

submit unique submit: right here

1. Those are collected followers

2. The common followers are thereㅌㄷㅌㄷ

3. I await she leaves for the followers and the crew 

4. They’re common 

5. delectation withdraw already 

6. Retire

7. Their assertion is written higher than Cube’s ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. I uphold the followers, the followers aren’t at defect right here

9. The followers are exhibiting they maintain rules

10. For the followers, Soojin has all the time been the quiet one and appears introverted so this should’ve felt affection a backstab however now that we’re all cognizant of her self-discipline violence, she wants to depart. Don’t injury the followers anymore ㅠㅠ

11. They’re wonderful at managing their irregular followers. If I used to be the sufferer, I’d ebb “What are those fans?” They are those who’re making up rumors and killing the sufferer twice at this level

12. She must withdraw, the common followers is not going to uphold her anymore

13. Because of Seo Soojin and her followers b*tches, the opposite members and the fandom are those getting sworn at 

14. The common followers and the opposite members maintain no defect right here.. 


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