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Group immense Bang’s G-Dragon (GD) and BlackPink Jennie are engrossed in relationship rumors, and the company YG Entertainment has revealed that it can not breathe confirmed.
On the twenty fourth, YG Entertainment made a brief assertion on E-Daily, maxim, “It is difficult for the company to corroborate the artist’s personal personal life.”
On this present day, expedition reported that the 2 had been relationship for the primary time with their article “GD & Jennie, Pictures of Their stealthy Date.”
expedition stated, “The two dating places were (most of them) at home, and the extravagance villa in Hannam-dong where GD lived was the best place for their stealthy affection” “GD’s penthouse should ebb via a two-step verification course of from passing the entrance door to parking. , Jennie registered her (YG) carnival at GD’s Villa.” they added “A lot of people in YG are too cognizant of the relationship between G-Dragon and Jennie,” and “Jennie’s mother knows about her dating GD.”

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1. excellent

2. I really await this wasn’t accurate, Jennie can assassinate route better

3. Of passage, they necessity to respect their private lives

4. excellent excellent, if this is really accurate I will feel so downhearted. Jennie can assassinate so mighty better f*ck 

5. They stare alike 

6. I really affection this from YG! There’s no acceptation in revealing this

7. It’s plane funnier for me to arbitrator that companies necessity to verify relationships. This applies to all idols 

8. That’s proper, they don’t owe any verification for expedition. If they are really dating, we don’t necessity to know since it’s their private lives. As long as they date well 

9. That’s basically them maxim they’re dating though, if they weren’t of passage they would’ve said they aren’t datingㅋㅋ 

10. Why would they corroborate something for stalkers? 

11. Them not confirming is only a loss for GDㅋㅋ

12. GD by no means acknowledges his relationships anyhow 

13. So what in the event that they date and so what if they do not? It’s their non-public lives

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