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1. This is the most effective sever from all of the scenes within the MV (I really feel love this may breathe the consultant picture)

And the going loopy scene was loopy too 

2. The music is definitely good 

3. What’s up with the MV property? I watched it twice in a row. It was so good ant the music was so good. I really feel love he’ll accomplish that properly this time. The lalala sever is so addictive and did he consume the satan on the aim? 

4. Wow can the MV director come out and elucidate the plot behind the MV this time? It was such a special MV and I really feel love there is a acceptation behind each scene. Is he making an attempt to display that he could not overcome himself on the aim and ended up eroding? I necessity to survey a couple of instances to grasp this 

5. The property is daebak, I’m wanting route the choreography video 

6. Oh the MV is so composed. The music and the choreography go well with it too. I really feel love that is the most effective reponse he is gotten of all of the songs up to now? I’ve at all times been eager about Kang Daniel however I watched the MV till the aim this time 

7. The MV, the music and the property are all there

8. You can inform he labored difficult, I need to cheer him. Let’s stroll on the flowery path 

9. He genuinely wished to make this look composed wow…. I really feel love Kang Daniel is beginning to develop his music increasingly 

10. Kang Daniel fits ideas love these the most effective

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