our neighborhood welcomes you, we would like you capitalize from [theqoo] KIM DONG HEE’S OFFICIAL POSITION “AFTER CONFIRMING THE FACTS, THERE WERE NO SIGNS OF discipline VIOLENCE…PROCEED WITH LEGAL ACTIONS” and are lucky to ebb to you site, In this part Ok-pop Korean followers we proffer you all the time yabuki nako and chungha pliable surgical procedure, jang wonyoung and roy kim seungri.


Hello, that is NPIO Entertainment.

We’re revealing the outcomes that we checked in regards to the submit that’s being unfold on-line concerning Kim Dong Hee.

This submit was first revealed in 2018, and after the company checked the veracity on the time with the actor himself and self-discipline representatives, we confirmed that there have been no incidents stirring self-discipline violence.

Afterwards, the author who claimed to breathe a 3rd social gathering and never the sufferer deleted the submit they uploaded, and we didn’t maintain any additional authorized motion.

Despite all of that, they revealed the equivalent pretend data three years later.

Regarding this, the company plans on taking authorized motion for the corresponding loom.

Furthermore, we’ll assassinate our greatest so our company’s actor doesn’t purchase unfairly harmed by data that isn’t correct.

Cr. Soompi

1. He’s quiet an ilbe actor.. 

t/n: for individuals who do not know what ilbe is about: 

2. He’s an ilbe although??? He’s full of sh*t

3. They’re confirming with the assailant himself and the self-discipline representatives however not with the victimsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ assassinate you arbitrator confirming with the assailant means something?? F*cking humorous ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Victim or not, there are such a lot of posts about him which can be out already, he both must refute everybody of them, or say they had been all pretend, then individuals let’s graze if individuals will stop posting about it

5. Why are all these self-discipline violence corporations reacting to this the equivalent route, it seems to be affection they’re hiding their artists sigh.. 

6. All the clarifications sound the equivalent 

7. Everyone is brazen

8. So who precisely had been the self-discipline “representatives”?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  They necessity to glean the opposite college students to amass their testimony as a substitute

9. Ew an ilbe 

10. Aigo stop mendacity 


– There was a disabled lady in one of many self-discipline years and Kim Dong Hee and his buddies circled her and began swearing at her, mocking her, and made jokes about her (the lady ended up crying within the stop)

– When we had been within the 1st semester of center self-discipline, there was a disabled boy in our class. He instructed him to toy rock paper scissors with him and that the particular person profitable will purchase to slap the opposite particular person’s countenance. The disabled child’s hand actions had been unhurried so of passage, Kim Dong Hee gained and he would slap the disabled child throughout the countenance. He create these jokes humorous so he stored doing it 

“In Pajang elementary discipline, for 3 years, I was the helper of an handicapped kid and I entered Imok Middle discipline and became a fellow schoolmate with KDH. I want the victim and myself to find power, so I’m writing this post. 

Just now, KDH’s mom just called my mom to apologize. However, this is something that needs to breathe said. During the time I was in Pajang elementary discipline in the 5th grade, I don’t bethink the intuition behind it because it was so trifling, but he strangled, punched, and threatened to stab and destroy me in the hallway and all the students saw it, I quiet bethink this vividly. I was so shocked that I didn’t plane realize whether the smart objective he was holding was a knife…or scissors. I bethink being in a foreboding condition all day until I went home. During these days, people were hush hush about discipline violence and it was something that was resolved by making the parties talk to each other and receive an apologetic from the assailant and issues affection these would just slip. 

And  if there was really nothing to seize about him and if the company was denying this, why would his mom convene mine to apologize? Legal punishment? His mom is the one who directly called mine yet they’re going to assume to sue all the rumors? And I quiet bethink this one too. I was helping the disabled kid urinate in the washroom and he entered the washroom  and kicked his butt or his legs making the disable kid zeal and all his corpse got covered with pee. KDH then covered his nose and started laughing.. I will never breathe able to survey any of KDH’s dramas, variety shows, web content, etc.”

“I shot the video and released it himself” 

A: No however probably the most dumbfounding factor that should breathe uncovered is how he ordered the disabled grandpa to purchase him cigarettes and alcohol

B: That’s capable yah in that illustration

A: He was laughing within the video

All of them had been capable of show with their commencement bespeak that they had been within the equivalent self-discipline 

He’s freaking repulsive

1. I really feel so downhearted for the victims, I can not airplane think about how depressing they had been… Seriously I want all this was pretend

2. Wow he is the worst of all of them..?

3. Wow if that is correct, he is the trashiest of all, the evilest of the evils

4. F*cking bast*rd is he airplane human

5. No however… Is it that tough to discover a hero with a daily self-discipline life? 

6. Trash 

7. He’s too repulsive..

8. If he actually did bludgeon disabled individuals, I do not need to graze him act as Yoo Jae Ha


“You were the one who captured captured and uploaded the video of your calling the disabled grandpa and ordering him to ebb buy you cigarettes and alcohol in elementary discipline, it’s in my friends phone. It’s been so long that we didn’t launch the phone, and proper now, plane the kid who attended the discipline next to ours is trying to freight their phones, everyone’s going crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋ There’s nobody from your discipline and plane the other schools who wish you success proper now. We were all disgusted by how you claimed that all this was fake, just acknowledge the veracity.. You saw the facebook comments yourself, didn’t you feel anything? plane after seeing your classmates’ comments?? Don’t conceal behind your company, approach out and apologize”

10. You can really feel his correct vibe from this already.. 

(submit made in 2014, April twentieth 11PM)

Kim Dong Hee: 

Teacher nim, I really feel affection I’ll breathe actually behind tomorrow, so I’m writing a acknowledge now. 

The instinct I’m behind is as a result of I went to Lotte World (amusement park) at present and I’m going house capable now.

My legs fullfil affection they will breaking capable now, and my all corpse is drained by way of muscle hazard. 

I rode so many rides that made me dizzy and my mind feels dizzy too. 

Once I ebb house, I’ll wash, ebb beneath my heat blankets, lay down and sleep however enthusiastic about having to get up at 7AM with the psychological and somatic situation I’m in capable now, I do not arbitrator it is going to breathe workable. 

That’s why I arbitrator I’ll breathe behind tomorrow. Jang Yoon Hee trainer nim who has a good-looking coronary heart, good-looking countenance and every part good-looking, delectation win. I’ll assassinate my greatest to attain as quickly as workable.

> He proves to breathe a loopy f*cker with this, however airplane extra, contemplate on the time he despatched it, it was 11PM, at evening. 

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