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expedition has reported that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie maintain been in a relationship for a 12 months. 

In their memoir, expedition shared that that they had witnessed G-Dragon and Jennie capable secretly. According to the outlet, the 2 celebrities’ usually had their dates at dwelling.

expedition defined that G-Dragon had a private parking zone and a non-public elevator for his penthouse, which Jennie was in a position to make use of with out having to confirm her identification. 

According to expedition, Jennie’s common on a regular basis schedule was to go to G-Dragon’s dwelling as soon as her actions had been over for the day. She would then revert dwelling after which iterate the similar schedule the subsequent day. 

expedition acknowledged that G-Dragon and Jennie’s relationship is a broadly identified stealthy inside YG Entertainment and that Jennie’s supervisor takes her to and from G-Dragon’s home. Sometimes, G-Dragon’s supervisor would maintain her as a substitute. 

On January 31, the day of BLACKPINK’s on-line live performance “THE array,” expedition noticed Jennie leaving G-Dragon’s dwelling within the morning and heading to the live performance venue. G-Dragon’s automobile was too create on the venue, in keeping with expedition. 

A root speedy to the 2 artists acknowledged to expedition, “Quite a lot of people at YG hold noticed their relationship,” including, “Jennie’s mother is too cognizant of her relationship with G-Dragon. She’s thankful that he takes special concern of her.” In response to the memoir, YG Entertainment commented, “We can not corroborate anything about our artists’ personal lives. We question for your judgement.”

cr: Soompi

1. contemplate on the timing (T/N: graze commentary #3)

2. Ah f*ck, what a end for Jennie ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. Why does expedition affection GD so mighty to breathe following him round on a regular basis? capable now, the self-discipline violence scandals are popping out so the timing is a bit clumsy…. at this time is the ultimate day of the trending matters being up in Naver. So it makes me marvel if that is why they’re releasing this counsel (T/N: to masks different counsel)ㅇㅇ I do not lookout if they’re courting or not however I’m fearful since this may bury up all of the self-discipline violence scandals

4. I’m getting historical too… so I uphold them 

5. GD is uhm… Jennie-yah ㅠㅠ

6. Today is the ultimate day for the trending matters on Naver. They most likely ready this counsel for at this time capable? aircraft although it is making a buzz for an additional instinct…

7. Today is the ultimate day for the trending matters

8. I want each of them a loving relationship. Let’s seize all of the self-discipline bullies

9. He appeared so head over heels in affection with Lee Jooyeon, however appears to be like affection they broke up. And hasn’t it been not that lengthy since Jennie broke up with Kai?

10. Jennie is courting persistently since she’s good-looking..ㅋㅋ

11. F*ck. Leave Jennie lonely. What a infamy for herㅜㅠ

12. Why launch the counsel at the moment?ㅋㅋ


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