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Hello, I gained braveness after seeing the S**jin incident just lately so I’m scripting this. I do not need to breathe entangled in troubles right here and there and it is patent that I’ll aim up preventing with an enormous firm, so I deliberate to only animate my life ignoring every part however seeing the S**jin discipline violent publish, and earlier than Naver removes their actual time search rating, I made up my intellect (to write down this) after seeing everybody’s feedback telling me to expose every part.

I and Kim M*ngyu-sshi went to the identical center discipline and tall discipline. I wasn’t somebody who had an enormous presence in discipline and I used to be simply your medium pupil whereas Kim M*ngyu was interested right here and there. He was good at soccer and he was one of many individuals within the iljin group.

First of all, on our route the primary yr of center discipline, the scary youngsters + unnies would cease me within the route and forcefully take cash from me. There was a significance the place they’d verbally bombard me. They had been in all probability bored or they wanted to express their rage on somebody, so they’d indiscriminate me, verbally abuse me, propel my head, and so forth. These had been some gentle abuse. I used to be too scared so I cried. But there was somebody who’s been simply watching all these cases smiling. Sometimes, they’d cast a Cola cap to my countenance from 4-5 meters away.

The one who was laughing was Kim M*ngyu. I quiet bethink vividly the phrases he mentioned advocate then. 

“F*ck, that’s f*cking funny”

He in all probability smoked cigarettes since he was within the 1st grade of center discipline, as a result of there have been 20 women and guys who gathered collectively, however they had been usually scolded by lecturers throughout lunchtime, after they went over the discipline wall, throughout respite, after discipline, throughout discipline hours, and so forth.

I do not necessity to observation on his consuming. At that point, iljins would brag about consuming alcohol so… you’ll be able to hear them on a regular basis at discipline (bragging about consuming).

Also, throughout my third yr of center discipline, Kim M*ngyu was casted in entrance of our discipline by Pl*dis and acquired in by auditioning. After that, he texted me as soon as. At that point, we weren’t within the identical class however I cerebrate that he went round to question for my quantity. The message I acquired mentioned “I’m going to the practice room but I don’t have my money to pay my transportation fee” and he requested me if I may accumulate 5,000 received by tomorrow.

People who’re born in ’96, ’97, ’98 and ’99 would know however the factor that scared individuals probably the most at the moment weren’t the mother and father or the lecturers, it was the iljins and the sunbaes. Also, I’ve seen that in that 20-people group, some youngsters would do a 90 diploma defer after they noticed Kim M*ngyu.. Of passage,  there was no route for me to decline his request, so I mentioned “yes” and that is what he replied me:

“Once you collect the money, don’t come look for me in my class. Make sure you call me or send me a message. Don’t ever come to my class”. But nonetheless, he began to handle his picture afterwards. Even if I attempt to accumulate as mighty cash as I may, I could not collect greater than 3,000 received and some cents. So I believed that I may give him a minimum of that mighty.

I used to be going to dispatch him the cash via messaging throughout the crack time, however I did not have AL (the cost system we used advocate then) so I could not dispatch him the cash so I ended up going to search for him in his class. 

When he noticed me, he was startled and he introduced me to the steps that had been linked to the roof and instructed me angrily

“I told you to make sure not to come and look for me, why did you come?

How much did you collect?

You couldn’t find more than this?

Ah I get it, go”

I bethink him maxim solely these 4 sentences. Seeing how I can quiet vividly bethink every part love this made me notice how mighty of an repercussion his phrases had been to me.  After that, 1 yr later, Kim M*ngyu despatched me a Facebook message with out plane being my pal on FB wishing me a fortunate birthday. I by no means modified my narrative so I quiet have his message. 

Also, Cyworld revived once more so I’ll participate the photographs within the feedback.

T/N: Mingyu’s contact

Mingyu’s FB narrative

“- ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– You’re still as dark

– Ahㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ is this really Mingyu?

– I saw that stage and I thought that he had a familiar face but thought that there was no way… looks like this is real, you succeeded Mingyu

– That’s rightㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ @Kim Mingyu”

“Happy New Year”

1. He’s loopy….

2. Huh? This is oba, how can she convene him “friend”? (T/N: OP refers to him as “friend” in all probability as a result of they’re the identical age)

3. Hul loopy

4. Wow that is stern

5. Wow that is oba ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I really feel so vacant inside. What is that this?

6. Looks love the victims are all slowly popping out

7. I used to be watching Going Seventeen these days and that is not his picture… SSJ is too the identical… do all of them have splinter personalities? Their picture cleansing is creepy

8. What on the earth… they’re all getting uncovered

9. Wow the celebrities’ discipline violence tales don’t have any aim

10. Looks love I used to be uneducated to cerebrate that this should not breathe in comparison with discipline violence and the opposite commenters are privilege

11. Seventeen.. that is horrible

12. Wow… that is ail

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