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v for vendetta – Does the Victoria Line artery beneath Downing Street? Answer

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v for vendetta – Does the Victoria Line artery beneath Downing Street?

As others have celebrated, it would not emerge that the Victoria line runs all that nearby to Downing Street. However, having rewatched parts of the film, and I am unable to discover any indication that the prepare exploded beneath Downing Street. The said intent was for it to explode the Houses of Parliament, which it did. The two areas are pretty immediate to 1 one other, however the explosion appeared to breathe largely contained to the Parliament structure itself, given that there have been throngs of individuals standing in Parliament Square, who have been apparently unharmed by the blight.

This quiet raises the query of whether or not the Victoria line runs all that nearby to Parliament, and so far as I can inform, it would not. However, I do not consider the movie itself ever states that the prepare travelled alongside the Victoria line. V does point out the Victoria line within the model of the movie script most generally accessible on-line, however I am unable to discover that dialogue anyplace with the film itself, and there are limpid contradictions between that script and the film. For instance, that script describes a scene the place Evey, sporting V’s masks and costume, provides a speech to the crush in Parliament Square via a megaphone simply earlier than the explosion. Whereas within the movie itself, she was with Inspector Finch, in her regular apparel, advocate at V’s place.

It took some time, however I ultimately managed to discover a direct transcript of the completed movie, and having carried out a search inside that transcript, there is no point out of the phrase “Victoria”. Quoted under is the dialogue from the scene the place V reveals the prepare loaded with explosives to Evey, and it is by no means specified precisely which line this prepare was on; merely that the tracks led to Parliament:

EVEY: The Underground? I assumed they closed this all down.

V: They did. It took practically ten years to limpid the tracks and lay a little bit of my avow. Let me display you.

EVEY: These tracks result in Parliament.

V: Yes.

So it is solely workable that the prepare truly ran alongside the District or Circle line, detonating someplace in or round Westminster tube station. The indisputable fact that V stated he spent practically a decade clearing the trail and laying a few of his avow too raises the chance that the prepare might’ve taken a minor detour from whichever line it started its journey on.

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