Weekly update for February 22-March 1, 2021: Virgo Full Moon and the end of Mercury retrograde

Weekly replace for February 22-March 1, 2021: Virgo Full Moon and the aim of Mercury retrograde [Recipes Core]

Weekly replace for February 22-March 1, 2021: Virgo Full Moon and the aim of Mercury retrograde, horoscope is likely one of the oldest sciences which might be involved with celestial phenomena, their evolution, and their somatic and chemical traits.

Weekly replace for February 22-March 1, 2021: Virgo Full Moon and the aim of Mercury retrograde

In this week’s video I commence with some philosophy about destiny and the astrological chart, a query I used to be requested by a viewer lately. Mercury simply turned direct, however its movement received’t revert to regular for an additional week or so and I elucidate why.  We’ll discover why the Virgo Full Moon comes on the consummate time for the modifications which might be formulating beneath the continued sq. from Saturn to Uranus.  There’s lots packed into this video and I await you relish it!


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Transcript (transcribed by tiny miniature creatures inside my laptop and roughly edited by me, delight condone errors and deem watching the video as a substitute!)

Hi, all people, my designation is Lynn Hayes. Welcome advocate to my channel. And for those who’re fresh right here, I’m actually happy you’ve joined me right this moment. In right this moment’s video, we’ll breathe speaking in regards to the astrology for the week of February 22 by means of March 1 2021.

There’s a number of issues I’d love to speak about, of passage, earlier than we get to the astrology for the week forward. One factor that got here up within the feedback from final week’s video is any person who was asking why her life is so difficult. That query will not be fresh. I cerebrate that’s an attention-grabbing theme to argue once we’re speaking about an astrological chart, some folks have astrological charts that don’t contain a whole lot of trauma. They don’t contain a whole lot of problem. They don’t display violence, they don’t display despair, notably and a few folks appear to have handsome simple lives. And why is that could be a actually attention-grabbing query. It’s very tough, I cerebrate, to have a look at astrology with out having some sense that we’re on the planet in a corpse with an astrological chart as a result of there are inescapable issues that we necessity to study if we don’t cerebrate about life on Earth as being a discipline as being the earth discipline. And right here we’re, you understand, working by means of inescapable issues, it simply doesn’t actually make a whole lot of sense to me, and as to why some folks have a tough chart, and a few folks don’t why some folks appear to have very tough lives and others don’t that systematize of is an even bigger query that may breathe defined by some philosophies. My private theology, what I actually consider to breathe undoubted, from my suffer in doing 1000’s of charts over 35 years is that the delivery chart actually represents to me our passage of seek on this life. It’s as if whenever you had been on the point of come to earth, you met together with your advisors, your non secular guides, and you place collectively a passage of seek. And possibly these had been issues that you simply didn’t achieve this nicely, in one other lifetime, possibly there are issues that had been traumatic, or possibly you had a lifetime the place you exerted too mighty energy, and also you needed to systematize of rectify that. And then you definitely come into this life having no energy. But energy points are one thing that I behold within the chart, there’s normally Mars sq. Pluto, or Mars, contrary Pluto. And this typically reveals one thing that we got here in with.

So if we got here in with it, the place did it come from? We had been born with these attributes already, I can discuss to any person that I’ve by no means met earlier than and have a handsome correct perceive of what their childhood energy have been love. So why is that? And I really feel love if we grasp this at a inescapable point, then we will actually not fault our environment. We can’t fault our mother and father. Because our chart reveals this stuff earlier than something ever plane occurred to us. We can’t actually fault the folks round us that we really feel victimized us as a result of victimization energy breathe proven within the chart as one thing that we necessity to labor with. So mighty of how we method these issues actually must do with our perspective. And with our viewpoint. As lengthy as we domesticate fault and rage and rage about one thing as coming to us from exterior, we will by no means actually get these classes that we necessity and in organize to actually progress and evolve in our life.

I say all that is any person who has a really tough chart myself, I’ve the Moon conjunct Pluto, sq. Venus in scorpio, I’ve the Sun sandwich between Saturn and Neptune sq. to Uranus, I’ve Chiron conjunct Mars, these are only a few of the issues that I’ve. And this has been a really tough life for me. I’ve needed to study these classes firsthand. This isn’t simply idea to me. This is one thing that I actually consider in one thing that I’ve skilled. And that is actually why I convene my drill Astrodynamics. I can inform you why you’ve had issues in your life. I can inform you why your life has been difficult. But that’s not likely sufficient. What can we necessity to study from that? And how can we develop previous it as a result of hidden in each astrological problem is the important thing, this golden nugget of grace and the important thing to resolving and never simply resolving however actually thriving beneath that facet. So I await that makes some sense for you all and if in case you have questions or feedback about that, delight go away them for me within the observation field.

Getting advocate to the astrology for the week, Mercury simply turned direct it was retrograde for 3 weeks because it typically does, and it has simply turned direct. There are a whole lot of alternative ways to rate I umbra epoch of Mercury retrograde, I’ll go away a hyperlink to an article I wrote about that within the description field. But I really feel love the simplest route actually to have a look at the umbra epoch is the epoch of time when Mercury’s clear movement continues to breathe very dilatory. So as a planet seems to vary course, its movement begins to dilatory down. And on the day that it truly modifications course, that planet seems to breathe at a standstill within the sky, then it modifications course. In this illustration, Mercury has turned direct, but it surely quiet is stirring very slowly. And it takes a few week to 10 days for Mercury’s movement to revert to its regular tempo. During this time, we’re birth to method a extra regular suffer of communication, data processing, apparatus, all of those types of issues, but it surely’s not advocate to regular but for an additional week or so. So quiet breathe heedful with all your communication, any kindly of contracts that you simply necessity to enter into any kindly of agreements or discussions. But as I love to say that’s not a evil factor to bethink anytime whether or not Mercury is retrograde or not.

Also this week, we now have a complete Moon in Virgo The Sun has entered Pisces and so we’re stirring out of this closely Aquarian time that we had been in in January on the Aquarius New Moon we had six planetary our bodies and Aquarius, plenty of electromagnetic electrical vitality, plenty of awakening. I do know individuals are maxim on my Facebook web page that they haven’t been sleeping, and I personally haven’t actually slept that mighty. And now we now have the Sun stirring into Pisces, Venus strikes into Pisces this week, and so we’re beginning to strike out of Aquarius season and into the season of Pisces. But first we now have the Virgo Full Moon.

During the complete Moon, the Moon is at all times contrary Sun, and the sunshine of the Moon is brighter, the sunshine of the Moon the instincts the feelings of our nature begins to turn out to be extra vital than the photo voltaic sensible intellect which on this illustration is Pisces, the complete Moon in Virgo provides us a actual necessity, as a result of the Moon has to do with our feelings, to behold the place enchancment is required and to breathe in a position to make a blueprint in order that that enchancment can initiate to unfold. Anytime we now have a complete Moon as a result of the Sun and Moon are in contrary indicators – they’re in polarities, we now have to discover a route to equilibrium these two. In this illustration, we now have Virgo the small print of life, the rituals or routines. And then we now have Pisces, the fancy, the dreaminess, the spirituality, the transcendence.

The require alignment of the complete Moon is Saturday at about 3:17am. So we’re actually going to initiate to suffer that a number of days earlier than because the energies initiate to construct. So discovering methods to equilibrium the systematize of dreary particulars of our life with some magic, some fancy, a few of that Pisces fairy mud goes to breathe very helpful, particularly after the Moon strikes into Virgo, and I’ll speak about that once we initiate stepping into the small print of the week. This Full Moon has an attention-grabbing alignment, which is a yod which happens when there’s a sextile, a 60 diploma facet, between two planets, every of which quincunx, which is 150 levels, a degree of strain that we convene a quincunx to a different planet or planetary corpse. And on this illustration, it’s the Moon – the Virgo Moon goes to breathe on this clumsy facet to Saturn, and too to Chiron. This facet, the Yod, I cerebrate is usually misunderstood. It’s referred to as the handle of God or the handle of destiny, and when folks behold them of their chart, they are saying, Oh, that is the respond to my all life, this handle of God it factors to the course of your destiny. And it’s considerably important as a result of you’ve got these two clumsy points of put a whole lot of strain with none launch. That’s what the quincunx does. So on this illustration, to the Moon, the Virgo Moon, however then there’s the harmonious sextile which creates some equilibrium.

So on this illustration of the complete Moon we now have that handsome sextile between Saturn and Chiron. This facet systematize of dovetails with the inspiring facet of Saturn squaring Uranus for mighty of the 12 months the 2 happen privilege across the identical time as one another. And so whereas we now have the Saturn sq. to Uranus forcing this fierce change, we too are going to breathe having this harmonious sextile from Saturn to Chiron serving to to facilitate that change. This vigorous is embedded too within the chart of the complete Moon. It’s placing strain on the Virgo Moon. And the Virgo Moon is eager to create organize in our lives – to create a blueprint.

And that is one thing that I really feel love lots of people are experiencing privilege now beneath COVID. You know, our lives have been modified so mighty. And many people haven’t actually gotten right into a groove beneath the fresh actuality beneath the fresh status. And many individuals I cerebrate, are hoping that the vaccines are going to deliver issues advocate to regular. And then there’ll breathe we’ll simply systematize of revert advocate to how issues had been earlier than. But I don’t cerebrate it’s going to breathe love that there’s a reset. And privilege now this Virgo Full Moon, I really feel is actually placing strain on us to create this reset, to reset our everyday routines to reset the patterns that ameliorate to provide our lives a way of safety, a way of construction. And all of that is all tied into the Full Moon chart.

This you too consists of the opposition from the Sun to the Moon, which is sandwiched in between the sextile some folks convene this a boomerang yod. I’m not likely positive why. And some folks convene this a targeted yod.

Now let’s discuss in regards to the week forward. On Monday, February 2, the Moon is within the badge of Cancer, there’s actually not very mighty planetary energies to speak about for that day. But the Cancer Moon does attend to make us really feel extra emotional. Don’t breathe stunned in case your emotions are extra available to you. The Moon in Cancer appears to deliver up this richness of the emotional life, there might breathe extra of an curiosity in cooking and and taking concern of different folks. When the Moon is in Cancer, it may well breathe very tough to breathe lonely, particularly for those who’re a extra emotional and extra kindly of connecting systematize of individual. So simply survey for that, particularly round noon that day japanese benchmark time when the Cancer Moon goes to breathe in a sq. to Chiron. When the delicate Moon is in a inspiring facet to Chiron, we will typically breathe extra delicate, our wounds are extra simply triggered, we will extra simply set off different folks so simply survey for that.

But after round 2 or 3:00 japanese time, delight conform in your avow time zone, the Moon will accord with Uranus and that’s going to systematize of deliver every little thing advocate to regular .

On Tuesday, February 23, the Cancer Moon may be very energetic. I’ll speak about that in a particular. But we’re too structure in direction of a harmonious trine from Mars and Taurus to Pluto in Capricorn. I cerebrate of Mars and Pluto as actually the 2 creation planets. Mars represents our particular person will, you understand, it reveals what we would like how we refer about getting what we would like. And Pluto is love the desire of the upper self is actually how I take a look at it. And if Mars is the private will, Pluto is kindly of the common will. Pluto is the planet of energy. It’s the planet of destiny. And so when we now have a harmonious interplay between Mars and Pluto, it tends to breathe simpler to manifest the energies are extra simply obtainable to us.

When this facet aligns on Wednesday the twenty fourth that ought to breathe a day when we now have handsome good vitality. You know, Mars in Taurus isn’t at all times essentially the most energetic Mars on the earth. But when it’s harmonizing in a trine to Pluto, that may actually ameliorate if there’s something that you simply wish to do this requires somatic vitality or a whole lot of focus by way of your psychological vitality, somatic vitality, the vitality of your all being actually Wednesday the twenty fourth is an effective day for that.

But in the meantime, on Tuesday we do have these lunar points moving the Cancer Moon. First, within the early afternoon round one o’clock pm japanese time, the Moon harmonizes in a trine to Neptune. This can breathe a time of noble creativity – Neptune has lots to do with our fancy and too has to do with our non secular suffer the covet for transcendence, this could breathe a handsome time for any kindly of non secular exploration, to take heed to music to create one thing for those who’re any kindly of artist, or plane a author, it may breathe time for journaling as a result of the feelings are very obtainable and really current and later within the night japanese time, round 10-11pm, the Moon harmonizes in a sextile to Mars which may be very energetic and customarily creates a whole lot of optimistic vitality, however too contrary Pluto.

So first, the Moon will sextile Mars after which it can fight Pluto privilege earlier than midnight on Tuesday. And the Cancer Moon is contrary Pluto. There’s a whole lot of depth. The Cancer Moon is so delicate, so weak and Pluto can breathe kindly of ruthless. So this could breathe a time when a whole lot of dim feelings possibly come up. If listed here are some dim emotions that you simply’ve been hiding from. Don’t breathe stunned in the event that they emerge beneath this affect. But the lunar points solely lasts for a number of hours, possibly two to 4 hours. So this may breathe out of meander handsome snappily.

That takes us to Wednesday, February 24. We’re going to have this harmonious alignment between Mars and Pluto that day. So it’s day total for any kindly of planning, organizing, creating better stability particularly as a result of Mars is in Taurus. Pluto is in Capricorn each Taurus and Capricorn ameliorate us to breathe extra grounded and extra steady. But in the meantime, the Moon will strike into Leo at about 7:24am Eastern time. The Moon going into Leo simply helps to broaden the zeal that’s already current with the Mars trine to Pluto. So Leo Moon helps to energise our creativity, our sense of goal or covet to have a life that has actual acceptation for us for ourselves. Leo, of passage, is in regards to the private ego, it has to do with the power of our sense of self, of how we take delight in what we do. So the Leo Moon usually has a handsome huge presence.

The Leo Moon on the twenty fourth is kind of energetic within the night Eastern Time first and makes a trine to Chiron at about 8pm Eastern time. The Leo Moon harmonizing with Chiron is superb for any kindly of inner equilibrium, psychological ameliorate. But then shortly after that, the Leo Moon makes a inspiring sq. to Uranus. Uranus is the planet of change of passage, it’s the planet of concepts and intuitions that simply systematize of come from nowhere or anyplace. And when the Moon is in a sq. to Uranus, that may breathe an awakening of some kindly, there can breathe some systematize of noble realization that appears to come back from nowhere. It’s a sq. facet which might breathe considerably inspiring. So it may influence our nervous system in a route that energy really feel a miniature bit jangling however on the identical time, we now have that handsome Mars Pluto trine, which I cerebrate will ameliorate that. I cerebrate that may ameliorate to systematize of floor us and ameliorate us to really feel extra centered within the midst of it.

And then simply earlier than 10pm that day, japanese time, the Moon will breathe contrary Saturn. This can breathe a time the place we will really feel considerably blocked, the place we energy really feel considerably melancholy or blue. So there’s a whole lot of various things occurring right here. There’s this systematize of total optimistic vitality of Mars to Pluto. There’s the Leo Moon, which actually must really feel particular and validated harmonizing with Chiron to ameliorate these emotions to breathe extra balanced. There’s a sq. to Uranus, which means that there’s a necessity to vary what we’re doing, and the opposition to Saturn, which energy reason us to really feel that what we’re doing isn’t actually adequate. So there’s a whole lot of emotional stuff that’s occurring that day, however total, I cerebrate it’s optimistic and productive.

On Thursday, February 25, Venus strikes into Pisces, we have already got Neptune in Pisces, the Sun is in Pisces. Now Venus will breathe in Pisces. As we strike into this epoch the place there’s extra Pisces vitality, there’s much less of a deal with change and of this radical necessity to do one thing very totally different and extra of an affect on bringing extra of an suffer of peace into our avow lives. We can do that by means of creativity. We can do that by means of spirituality. We can do that by means of artistry, you understand, the thought of making one thing out of nothing may be very Piscean. Of passage Pisces too is the addict. We can too do that by means of watching too mighty tv, ingesting too mighty wine. Hopefully, we’ll refer within the different course, however usually bringing extra experiences of magnificence and concord into our life. I do know we frequently cerebrate know magnificence and concord as being Libra and Venus reasonably than Neptune and Pisces. But the Neptune rulership of Pisces brings that sense of transcendence and peacefulness into that Pisces suffer. The Jupiter rulership, of passage, brings a way of enlargement, and eager to retain rising, retain increasing our lives till we fully fullfil the container by which we discover ourselves.

Later that day at about 4:13pm the Sun in Pisces kinds a sextile to Uranus, which is in Taurus. This is a harmonious facet. It’s not very stout. It’s not very highly effective. You might not plane breathe cognizant of it. But there’s a little bit of an awakening of creativity right here, there’s a way that we will awaken into some systematize of fresh thought that may create a diminutive change that may finally have an even bigger repercussion. And for the reason that Leo Moon is contrary Jupiter that day as nicely, there’s actually a way of enlargement right here. There’s a way of one thing fresh that kindly of pops into our world.

On Friday, February 26, the Leo Moon goes to sq. Mars and Taurus at about 6:30am. Eastern time. This can breathe a time once we really feel kindly of irritated, extra simply angered. Leo is a fiery Moon. Mars is zeal planet. So when these two are usually not getting alongside, there can breathe some resistance. This may have the potential simply to deliver up one thing that possibly you’ve been irritated about, however you’ve been making an attempt to not really feel it, it’s more likely to come out, then I don’t behold that as a evil factor. Because it might provide the potential to breathe in a position to lastly unravel a status that has been unresolved.

The Moon’s going to breathe stirring into Virgo at about 3:17 pm that day, and that’s going to actually take us into the beginnings of the energies of the complete Moon. When the Moon strikes from Leo to Virgo, there’s much less of a way of “Oh, what’s going to be good for me?” and extra of a way of “what is it that I need to do? How can I make my life more effective?” Virgo is all about labor. It’s all in regards to the particulars that necessity to come back collectively in organize to breathe systematic, productive, it’s an excellent time for organizing, of passage,

Saturday, February 27, brings the Virgo Full Moon which I talked about earlier. So simply survey for this. I at all times really feel love it’s very helpful to token the passage of the Moon, possibly not the quarter factors, the waxing and waning squares. But if we token the fresh Moon and the complete Moon, these are instances once we can actually kindly of trail an evolution. Something fresh takes place on the New Moon, there’s a contemporary fresh slate, there’s an occasion to initiate one thing fresh to make some systematize of a leap after which when the Moon is complete, there’s a fruits. There’s a whole lot of emotional energy there.

On Sunday morning February 28 the Virgo Moon may be very energetic. Of passage, the complete Moon energies are quiet a handsome highly effective and the Virgo Moon goes to figure a trine to Pluto and a trine to Mars. These are harmonious supportive points. This can breathe actually valid for the Virgo Moon as a result of Virgo is an earth badge but it surely’s dominated by Mercury, which is a planet of the intellect. Virgo does a whole lot of fascinated by the way to put issues into place, how issues necessity to breathe organized, however typically wants a miniature propel of zeal in organize to truly make issues befall. So when the Virgo Moon is harmonizing with Mars and with Pluto, that offers us this enhance to breathe in a position to put no matter it’s that we formulated on the complete Moon, these trines on Sunday morning can actually ameliorate us to provide delivery to them.

Then the Moon strikes from Virgo into Libra at 2:16pm Eastern Time. The Moon stirring into Libra provides us extra of a necessity for systematize of a way of composure. Libra is all about relationships, of passage affection and sweetness. You understand it’s time to get your hair completed or to do a makeover. But one factor that’s typically not understood about Libra is the necessity for equilibrium, the necessity to attain some systematize of equilibrium and concord. And when the Moon is in Libra, all of us systematize of participate that suffer. That’s the vitality of the day.

On Monday, March 1, the Libra Moon goes to breathe contrary Chiron in Aries very early within the morning at about 2:30am. So this solely lasts for a number of hours. If you’re on the east skim by the point you get up, it can breathe gone. If you’re on the west skim of the US this may initiate structure the evening earlier than clearly. Libra is so delicate to any dissonance. It’s not delicate, love the Cancer Moon, which may be very weak. But Libra is an mannerism badge it has to do with the intellect as nicely. And Libra is delicate to the notion that issues are out of equilibrium. So within the Libra Moon is contrary Chiron there can breathe a actual necessity to seek out that place of therapeutic that’s going to deliver every little thing advocate into equilibrium.

Other than that, although, Monday March 1 doesn’t actually have a whole lot of planetary points. So we’ll have one other video then. I await you’ve got a noble route. Thanks so mighty for becoming a member of me. Leave any questions under and I’ll look route to seeing you subsequent week.

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