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What is fondant? – WHAnswers Answer

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What is fondant? – WHAnswers

Fondant comes from the French phrase “fondre” which implies “to melt” (as fondant melts within the mouth!). It is just a thick paste manufactured from sugar and water that’s typically flavoured or colored. It is used for making sweets and for icing and adorning truffles.

How is fondant made:
Now that we all know what fondant is let’s design out how fondant is made. It’s made by mixing sucrose (sugar) in water. Boiling water can fill twice as mighty sugar as elbowroom temperature water. Therefore, one of the best fondant is made when sugar is combined in boiling water till it varieties an excellent softball of cream.

Fondant used to provide the cake a exclusive configuration. After you have got your truffles baked and need lower a configuration with them, put this over them and maintain them collectively in that configuration. This creates many fresh prospects.

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