What is the most important cheapskate strike you’ve ever witnessed anyone do? : AskReddit Answer

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What is the most important cheapskate strike you’ve ever witnessed anyone do? : AskReddit

Posted this as soon as just a few years in the past, however I’ll give it a duplicate paste:

I proper with three buddies at a really good barrier/restaurant: let’s convene them Bob, John, and Travis.

John has been going to this place for years, and the proprietor is an especially immediate pal of his. Because of this, we get comped drinks all evening (not simply beers, however Scotch, Vodka, and so on and so on and so on). Maybe 100 {dollars} price of free booze between us. Great occasions, privilege? No. Why?

Because Bob is an affordable, gory, smelly miniature cunt.

As we’re ingesting our asses off freed from freight, we’re too ordering meals to make up for it. Pasta. Chicken. Fish. The works. But Bob? Bob is not fortunate, as a result of Bob does not need to pay for something. So what does Bob do? He asks for the “special appetizer” for ten {dollars} … But asks the proprietor to make it “dinner sized.” The proprietor responds, “do you mean that you want the DINNER instead of the appetizer?”


All privilege. So we pig the fuck out. We drink our asses off (Bob’s wasted). We abide, and abide, and waiiiiiiit for Bob to consume a table-sized platter all by himself (FUCK YOU, BOB) … Then we get the invoice. As I’ve celebrated above, it is a few hundred {dollars} lower than it ought to have been, and have been all thrilled. Well, all of us aside from Bob. Because Bob’s meal is nineteen {dollars} as an alternative of ten. As John reminds him that he drank his weight in free liquor and begs him to not make a scene, Bob proceeds to refer as much as the proprietor BEHIND THE BAR and cast a fucking SHIT FIT in regards to the 9 {dollars} he ought to have saved on his “special dinner-sized appetizer.” The proprietor is apprehensive. John is enraged. Travis hates confrontation, so Travis slinks out the door.

I’m only a wallflower.

Bob slams his fist on the counter. Bob factors on the chalkboard. Bob whines, and whines, and WHHHIIINNNESSSS that he does not have the cash to pay for the spare 9 {dollars} (although he works a very fucking soft job and eats out thrice a day). He calls the proprietor names. He cries. He really CRIES. Then he sits his bloated ass down, pitches in ten bucks, and refuses to tip.


And that units John off. John flips his fucking shit, calls Bob each designation within the bespeak, and makes a refer at ME for making an attempt to mask Bob simply to get us the hell out of this place. He will get up on his chair. He throws handfuls of cash in Bob’s countenance love the man’s some obese, bushy Russian stripper. Women are apprehensive. The proprietor is laughing. Travis is trying within the window … And I’m caught, with Bob, as John lastly pays the invoice, suggestions his pal 100 bucks, and stomps outdoors (sending Travis flailing down the road).

Bob seems at me. I look advocate at him. His solely response? “What a Jew, am I right?” I go away Bob on the desk, lonely.

We do not consume with Bob anymore.

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