What’s the perfect proof of alien life we’ve got? : AskReddit Answer

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What’s the perfect proof of alien life we’ve got? : AskReddit

Hi, PhD in microbial ecology, particularly volcanos right here.

They really make extra sense when it comes to eerie chemistry and life than we do, we largley suspect life began in circumstances love this, which is why we take a look at geochemical websites as analogs to astrobiology, not likely the opposite route round.

I do not know if they’ve alien traits as mighty because the setting is ready to prefe for them by way of power to create difficult chemistry and biochemistry to have life evolve.

We do not actually have direct proof of self replicating life being born spontaniously, however experiments have proven circumstances to figure inescapable amino acids and such, and contemplating the experiment was began within the 50s, given tens of millions of years it appears prone to happen right here and there.

Another seemingly situation, a minimum of inside photo voltaic methods, is microbial life being unfold by meteors and such. Personally I cerebrate that is handsome seemingly, however you necessity to get into planetary sciences a miniature extra to speak about it. I do not cerebrate there’s loads of interstellar life switch past science fiction love federations present, which I abide by may completely breathe on the market to an extent. Or one thing. I need to consider.

But, advocate to the area microbes, we largely search for them by way of indicators of metabolism. I do know the fresh research is conjectural to really search for indicators of earlier life, however I do not know sufficient in regards to the mission or expertise interested, that’s, if somebody instructed me how they had been going to take a look at it I might most likely breathe capable of let you know the way it works, I’m simply out of the astro biology world sufficient that I have not cared to essentially take a look at it, I occupy I’ll find out about it once I come throughout extra articles.

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